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Downey Adventist Church Welcome Joy from worshipping at Downey Adventist Church

We are a multi-ethnic, family-oriented Adventist church located in the Los Angeles area in Downey, California (map here). We would be honored to have you worship with us on any Saturday that you are in our area.

If you have any questions about the Downey Seventh-day Adventist Church,  Adventists or about becoming a Christian, please email us.

If you are wondering what our church service is like, we're open and a friendly group. You are welcome to join us as we attempt to follow God's leading in our lives. [LEARN MORE]

Downey Adventist Church Welcome


12.15.18 - God the Father

While Christmas is a time for families, but let us not forget that God is just as much a part of our family as our mom and dad, and today, we will be reminded to include God as we celebrate this time of year.


12.22.18 - Community Christmas

Come hear a professional vocal ensemble sing your favorite Christmas hymns and carols. Sing along in parts designated for congregational singing. Additionally listen and be touched as the ensemble sings choral arrangements, traditional favorite English carols, selections from Handel's Messiah, Latin Renaissance polyphony, and more!


12.29.18 - Now What?

Christmas is over. Join us as Bill asks "Does Christmas make a difference in how we live every day or not?"




Downey Adventist Church Upcoming Events


12.13.18 - AUS Christmas Program 7pm

12.15.18 - Collegiate & Young Adult Christma Party at Aumack's at 5pm

12.20.18 - Church Board 7pm

12.22.18 - Community Christmas Sabbath

12.25.18 - Christmas Day

01.05.18 - Communion