There are a variety of small groups that meet at various times in members homes. There are a few different names that churches use for these groups. Some churches call these groups 'cell groups', 'affinity groups', 'life groups', or some other name. At Downey Adventist, we call ours "Small Groups."

Be in Community

Small Groups are an important part of having a healthy group of believers (ref. the book of Acts in the New Testament). Small groups is one of our core beliefs. Some of our groups meet consistently year round, other groups have a more relaxed schedule. However, we encourage all the members to get into small groups for a 6 weeks of emphasis each spring and fall. The 6 weeks of emphasis have covered topics such as prayer, prophecy, opportunity and more. During the 6 week series, we usually read a book and study that, along with our Bibles.


Please contact us if you are interested in joining a Small Group.

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