You’re Important

Good morning boys and girls Happy Sabbath. I hope you’re excited to hear the story for today.

Have you thought of how important you are? Let me tell you that you are very important to your parents, you are precious. And some of the most important people of their life is not the most important people or person in their life same with your grandparents, they love you. And you are very important to them to, to your friends, to your other family members, to your teachers, you’re important. They dedicate their day to teach you and to be with you to become your friend. Why? Because how important you are to them. But there’s one person that you are the most important to, and that is to God. And let me show you what I mean. Okay.

In the Bible, we hear stories of many people, of many adults, right, many older people, prophets, and you know, just a lot of people. But what about the stories of the kids because there are many stories of kids in the Bible, and that makes them and makes you an important part of life. An important part of God’s plan for everybody in this world. We have the little boy who has shared his fish and his loaves of bread with Jesus, and Jesus multiplied it and fed 1000s of people, you remember that? Oh, we know that he was a young boy. His story is in the book of John chapter 6.

And then we have the little maid of Israel that’s what we call her she was a servant to Naaman and his family. Naaman was the commander of the king’s army. And he was sick he had leprosy and this little girl told his wife about a prophet that can help heal him because he was the man of God. And when Naaman follow this little girl’s instructions and went to see the Prophet and did what he was told, he was healed. How important could the little girl be to that family the Naaman was actually healed because of her faith, and what she shared with them. Her story is found in Second Kings, chapter 5.

Now, Esther, when we think of Queen Esther, we think of an older lady, right? Maybe in her 20s You know, something like that. But Queen Esther probably became queen about the age of 14 or 15. Because at that time, ladies used to marry very young. So she was probably Queen about 14 or 15. And you can find her story in the book of Esther in the Bible.

Do you remember Miriam? Do you know who Miriam is? Miriam was Moses, older sister, and Miriam followed Moses, when his mom put him in the little basket and put them in the river to avoid the king’s army killing him. Miriam followed him. And when the pharaoh’s sister picked Miriam, sorry, took Moses out of the river where he was floating in his basket. Miriam had the courage to go speak with the pharaoh’s sister and tell her that her mom could nurse Moses and help raise them. We don’t know how old Miriam was. All we know is that she was a young girl as well.

What about Daniel? When Daniel was taken from his home, him and his friends and they refuse to eat the king’s food, They were young. It doesn’t tell us how young it could have been eight, it could have been 12. But he was young. That’s all we know that they he was a young boy. And his story is found in the book of Daniel. I’m sorry, in the book of Yes, Daniel 1.

Then David, King David. When we think of him, we think about him killing Goliath and becoming king and being, you know, King for a very long time. But did you know how old David was when he killed Goliath? He was between 10 to 15 years old, so he was still a kid. Okay. And his story is found in First Samuel 17.

Mary, Jesus’s mother, like I said before, young girls used to get married at a very young age. And we believe that is what happened with Mary She got married about she could have been maybe as young as 12 years old. She wasn’t in under Her 20s or even 18, she was a young girl when she got married to Joseph, and her story is in Luke 1.

Josiah, have you heard about Josiah? He was king. He became king at the age of 8. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. We don’t even use our 10 fingers. He was eight years old when he became king. And I mean, how amazing would that be? I mean, imagine yourself being king right now, you know or queen at eight years old. Josiah story, you can find it in the Bible as well. And the book of Second Kings chapter 22.

What about Samuel? Do you know who Samuel was, he was a great prophet. His mother had prayed for him because she couldn’t have children. And when God had, you know, gave her Samuel, she dedicated him and said that she will, you know, take them back to the temple to serve God. And that is just what she did. When Samuel was old enough, she took them back. And he served in the temple. But Samuel was a young boy, that’s all we know, a young boy, when God first spoke to him. Imagine if, at about your age, God speaks to you. Wouldn’t that be amazing? You will probably probably be a little bit scared or a little bit like wondering what’s going on a little bit nervous. But guess what? God speaks to children too. And his story is in First Samuel. So you can start reading that he has a long story in the Bible.

What about Jesus? You know, we know that Jesus died for us. We know that Jesus healed the sick, and he fed the multitudes. And he preached, and he told stories, and we know he loved children. But did you know that when he was 12 years old, he was actually teaching older men in the temple. 12 years old, he was teaching them about his father’s word about God. Imagine the things that you can do. Even at your age, it doesn’t matter how old you are, the importance that God puts on you, because He loves you is amazing. It’s tremendous. If you allow God to work with you, or even if you don’t, you are so important to him.

One last child, and I’m gonna mention there’s others, but there’s just too many is Timothy. Timothy was a young child when he met Paul. And he actually became his companion. He became Paul’s companion when Paul did some trips. And all we know is that at a young age, he was following around with Paul traveling and talking about God, teaching others about God. You know, there is a verse in the book of Timothy. It’s First Timothy, chapter four, verse 12. Let me share that with you. It says, Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love in faith, and impurity. God believes in you so much, and knows how important you are to him and to so many others, that he says, Don’t let anybody puts you down just because you’re a kid or because you’re young, actually be an example. He believes so much in you that He asks you to be an example for him. Imagine how great that would be that somebody loves you that much to make you one of the most important person in this world or anywhere else. Remember that kids! Don’t think that because sometimes we get sad or we get in fights that our siblings or friends tell us something ugly, that nobody cares, or that nobody believes in us. A lot of people do your family do think God is your first. The first person out there rooting for you, because He loves you, He created you.

Let’s go ahead and have a word of prayer. Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you so much for loving these children, for bringing them to this world and giving them the most important role of being examples for others, Lord, with your love in them. We know that they can guide others to you and they will be ready when you return to heaven. Thank you, Lord for loving them for making them so important and for protecting them at all times. Please be with them now. In Jesus name we pray. Amen. We’ll see you next time.


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