With and Without God
By Sara Rivas

Hey, Downey Church friends and family, I am here with my son, Isaiah. And today we’re gonna do a? Science experiment. That’s right.

So today we’re going to experiment using. Um, with God? Oranges and what other supplies do we need for this experiment? Water. Oranges and water, yes. So this orange, like Isaiah said, with a peel represents God. Yes, our life with God, God is like the peel that protects us. And the orange that isĀ  peeled represents life without God. Our life without God.

All right, so Isaiah, do you wanna start us off? Yeah. All right, so what should we do first? Our life without God. Let’s see what happens when it gets into the water. The water we’re gonna pretend is life. You can shake your hands right here. So what happened to the orange? It sank. It sank, yes. Do you think it can breathe? No. Probably not. So do you think it’s cool to live life without God? No. No way. I’m gonna get my hand in there. I hope I don’t overflow. That was close.

All right. And then what’s the next one? With God. Life with God. Go slow. Let’s see what happens. What happened to the orange with the peel on it? It floated. It floated. It did. So what do you think we can learn from this, Isaiah? And it’s better to, And with God. To live with God than to, And live with God. That’s right, nice job.

All right, boys and girls, we’re gonna say a quick word of prayer. Dear Jesus, thank you so much for loving us and taking care of us and always providing for us like the peel on the orange. And you always help to keep us safe. Please help us to be kind, loving, respectful children that always shine a light bright for you. We love you so much in your sweet name we pray, amen. Amen.

Bye, thank you.


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