by Susanna Martinez


Happy Sabbath boys and girls. I’m so happy I get to share the story with you this morning.

Now I know you notice, I’m not at school. Oh, we’re up in the mountains, we prepared for a vacation. Just like many of you are preparing to go back to school. I’m sure you’re getting your pencils or crayons, your markers, your folders, backpacks, even your new school uniforms or your clothes ready for the next coming year. Yeah, just like I got here, my vacation I prepared, I brought my things along with me, so that I can be able to enjoy my vacation.

Now, I know that many of you have gone on field trips, or on picnics, or camping trips with your family, and you also prepared to go on your camping or your vacation out. Now, I know a lot of you are also preparing to go to heaven. Did you know that this is not where we’re going to be? Oh, Jesus preparing a special place for us in heaven, and we need to prepare to go to heaven. Now, the way we prepare is by being good listeners. Not only to mommy and daddy, but to your teachers and the adults around you. Jesus came to this earth and left us a good example of what it is like what we should do in our lives so that we can be ready to go to heaven.

Now when we plan this vacation, I knew the date and time we believing that you know what you do know when Jesus is coming. In Matthew 24:44 It tells us therefore you also must be ready for the Son of God is coming and an hour you do not expect. So that means we need to be ready at all time. So please remember boys and girls that we need to prepare in order for us to be ready to go to heaven, just like we are preparing to go back to school.

Okay, now let’s bow our heads in prayer. Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you dear Lord for this opportunity you’ve given us to come and be out in the natural. Thank you dear Lord for the opportunity you’ve given us to be able to prepare to go to heaven with you when they help us to be the best that we can be as we will serve soon start a new school year. So we pray in Jesus name. Amen.

Have a good year Boys and Girls. Bye