Hi boys and girls. Good morning Happy Sabbath. I hope you guys are doing great. I hope you’re enjoying your vacation, and that you had a great Christmas and amazing new year with your family and your friends or whatever you did on those days.

You know today I want to share a story with you. This is the story of Bonnie. Bonnie was two and a half years old. And she went with her mom and her dad to grandma’s house. Grandma and grandpa were so excited to see her. And she was so excited to see them. She loved running around the yard and playing with grandpa and playing with grandma. And getting a couple of cookies here in there, you know, little treats from the grandparents because grandparents love to spoil their grandchildren. And she was having an amazing time. You know, grandma’s house was big, had a big yard. And it also had something very special. It had a big pond, and it had these giant goldfish in there. And Bonnie loved to see the goldfish. But mommy and daddy told Bonnie and Bonnie knew that she needed to stay away from that, because it was very dangerous. If she fell in she couldn’t get out. It was too deep for her. And they were scared that something could happen.

During the day that Bonnie was there with grandma and grandpa, she was having a good time. But in just one little moment, mommy and daddy got distracted. And we’re just talking with grandma and grandpa, and Bonnie wandered by herself to the backyard and wanted to see the goldfish. So as Bonnie was looking at the goldfish, she got closer and closer. And she loved how the goldfish glittered. She liked the color and she liked how they swam. And all of a sudden she slipped and she fell into the pond. Remember, Mommy and Daddy were distracted. They were inside the house. They didn’t know Bonnie was outside by herself. But all of a sudden they heard the scream. Oh No Mommy and Daddy were worried. Oh no. Where’s Bonnie? Where’s Bonnie? They could not find her. They ran to the backyard. And when they saw Bonnie. Bonnie was sitting on the side. She was not in the pond. She was on the side in her cute little dress soaking wet, somehow. Yes, she fell in the pond. But somehow she got out. But she was two and a half years old. And all she could do was cry and cry and cry. When mommy and daddy would ask Bonnie. Did you remember what happened? Do you remember how you fell in? Do you remember how you got out? Bonnie would just cry and cry and cry. And she couldn’t say anything. So mommy and daddy stopped asking and just let Bonnie alone. They wanted her to calm down. But still Bonnie could never remember what happened.

Years past and as Bonnie got older, she was scared of water all the time, you know, like the ocean and pools, lakes. And she didn’t know why. Then one day when she was talking to a friend, and they were talking about being scared, she realized, Oh, I’m scared of water because I fell in my grandparents pond when I was little. I just remember. I remember it all. And you know what she told him? She said, I remember falling in there. And not being able to get out. There was nothing to grab on to. And I was sinking and sinking. And all of a sudden, I saw a man dressed in white. And he put his arms in the water and he pulled me out and put me on the side. And when I looked for him, he was gone. She didn’t know who the man was. Her parents had never seen anybody in the backyard. But she did remember that her parents said that she was on the side of the pond wet. She also remember that her parents said that there were no footprints from the or the pond was to where she was. And she then realized that it might have been her guardian angel that God sent to protect her.

You know, many times we don’t think about these things we don’t think that, you know, our parents do tell us that God is with us all the time, and that we have our angels protecting us. But you know, that is actually true. We may not realize it, but Jesus, God, or angels are always near us, and will always take care of us. So just like Bonnie, who in her heart knew that that was her angel that had been there to save her. We must always realize that Jesus is with us all the time. Our Angels are around us, and they protect us. Maybe it’s a little bit different for us. Everybody has different things going on. And we have many different types of accidents. But there’s many things that don’t happen to us, because God is with us. Just remember that as we start this new year, just remember that you are never alone, and that you always have to protect you. Have a great week, kids that say word of prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much for loving us. Thank you so much for protecting us. We pray that you stay with these boys and girls, that you be with them that you guide them and that you never leave them alone. We pray all this in Jesus name. Amen.

Bye. Have a good week.