Two Frogs

By Marissa Garcia


Good morning, boys and girls. Happy Sabbath. Today’s story is about an old proverb about two frogs.

These two frogs, Frankie and Freddie, were having a good time playing around. They were hopping and hopping and just doing what frogs do. And as they were hopping and hopping, they hopped really high and they ended up hopping into a big bucket of milk, or buttermilk, milk milk, because I guess they must have been on a farm or something.

They fell into the bucket. And they started laughing. “Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit. Look at your face, you little white milk. Look at your face.” And they’re having a good time. And then all of a sudden, they’re like, “Oh, this is getting boring. Let’s get out of here.” So they’re like, “Okay,” and then they’re like, “Ribbit,” and they would slide down, “ribbit.” They’re like, “What in the world is going on with this bucket of milk?” “Ribbit” and slide down. And then their hearts are racing, they start to panic. “What in the world is going on? What did we get ourselves into? Ah, I don’t know, but just keep ribbing. Keep paddling out. Ribbit, ribbit,” and they couldn’t get out.

Frankie in the back was like, “I’m getting really tired of paddling and paddling. We’re never gonna get out of here.” And Freddie in the front goes, “We can do this. Just keep paddling and paddling. Ribbit, ribbit.” And then going in circles and circles around the bucket. And Frankie in the back is like, “Ribbit, ribbit. I can’t take this anymore.” And then Freddie in the front was like, “Just keep paddling.” And Frankie in the back kept going, “Bloop,” underneath the water, underneath the milk, “bloop.” And Frankie and Freddie in the front just like, “Oh, come on, Frankie, just keep patting me.”

And Freddie all of a sudden just closes his eyes and starts saying, “Dear God, please get me out of this mess. I don’t know how, I don’t know when, but I know you can get me out of this. I know you can get me out of this. I have faith, please.” And then he opened up his eyes and still paddling. And Frankie in the back is blowing bubbles. “I can’t take this anymore.” Freddie and Freddie say, “Come on, all we have to do is just paddle, even though it’s slow, it’s just paddle, we’ll get out of here.” And all of a sudden, there was silence.

Freddy’s like, “Frankie? Oh, Frankie, nothing.” No ribbits from Frankie. The tears started coming out of Freddy’s eye. He goes, “My friend, my friend, please.” Nothing. So Freddie just kept paddling and paddling. And he’s getting really tired, but he’s just, there’s gotta be, I know, I know. I have faith, I’m gonna, my prayer is gonna be answered. I just know it. And then all of a sudden, Freddy the Frog was paddling and the milk started getting real sticky and stickier. He said, “What in the world is going on with this thing? Look, just sticky and harder and it was more stiffer.” He goes, and it was becoming like a solid. He’s like, “What is going on?” He pressed on it and goes, “Oh my, I think I can hop.” He tried a little hop, “Ribbit.” “Oh my, I think I can hop. Let me try again.” “Ribbit,” I think I can hop. I can do this. So he did a really big hop. “Ribbit.” “Oopsies.” And he hopped out of that bucket of milk. He hopped out. Oh, full of milk. Thank you, God, thank you, God for getting me out. Thank you so much. He thought about his friend Frankie and he felt so sad, but he was so happy he was out. He got out and he thanked God so much for getting him out.

Now, boys and girls, this feeling happens to all of us. When we pray for a certain something that’s bothering us or we’re having a hard time, whether it be… Your math homework is really hard. Your teacher doesn’t understand you. Or you have a bully at school who you already told him a million times to leave you alone and he doesn’t leave you alone. Or your mom and dad don’t understand what you’re trying to say. Or whatever the case is that you’re having trouble with. We have to have faith that God’s going to help us. You know? Jesus is not a magician where you pray and poof, your prayers are answered and you don’t have that problem anymore.

We’re praying for God to be with us, to Jesus to be with us through this problem right next to us, helping us out, showing us where to go and what to do, or just not to do nothing and be patient, okay? Jesus is there for us to support us to get to the other side. We have to just keep on having faith, keep on paddling, okay, boys and girls? Always remember the frog and always remember to be like the frog, Freddy, and keep on paddling even though you’re super tired and you feel like I can’t take it anymore. God’s going to be with you. Jesus is going to be in your heart and tell you what to do or send you somebody to guide you, okay, boys and girls? Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this story and enjoy the rest of your Sabbath and until next time. Bye!


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