by Victoria Zamora

Good morning and happy Sabbath. I hope everybody is doing well today. So today’s story is about treasure. Now, if you found out that you had treasure in your house, would you not do everything you could to find it? This is exactly what happened to Jordan when his father took him to visit his grandfather’s property. He handed him a treasure map and told him that there was treasure hidden somewhere in the property. Now Jordan was so excited that he right away got to looking. And he was looking all around the property up and down everywhere you can think of. Now, a couple hours later, when he had been looking for so long, Jordan started to get a little hungry. So he went inside to eat, then you started feeling a little tired. So he took a nap. And eventually when he woke up, he kind of wanted to play his video games. So Jordan kind of started forgetting about the treasure. And he never really remembered until one day when a friend needed his help. And he needed some money. So Jordan in an effort to raise some money would go to certain scavenger hunts, that he knew he can win easy prizes. He would also go to his dad and ask for money. But he never really took took time to keep looking for the treasure on his grandfather’s property. Now, much like this, we do the same with God’s Word, the Bible. The God’s word left us the Bible as a treasure map to find his wisdom, which is the hidden treasure to understand his words. But all too often we don’t look for it. And so we miss out on all the treasures that God has given us. Much like it says in Proverbs two, one through six, my son, if you accept my words and store my commands with you, turning your ear to wisdom and implying your heart to understanding indeed, if you call out for insight and cry out loud for understanding and if you look for it, as for silver and search for it, as for hidden treasure, then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God. For the Lord gives you wisdom from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. Thank you everybody and I hope you have a great rest of your day.