The Water Crisis
by Celene Melenciano


Good morning boys and girls Happy Sabbath. I hope that you guys had a great week, and that you are now excited to hear short your children’s story and to see today’s service.

I have a question for you who likes to drink water, you do know that our bodies are mostly made out of water. So our bodies require the water, you do know that. Water is what freshens up when we’re hot, right? You after a long day of school and maybe playing soccer or baseball, basketball, you drink your water. And you feel so much better, right? Water not only refreshes you on the inside when you drink it, but it also refreshes you on the outside. How many of you guys like to go swimming? Right? The pools are full water, or take a bath or shower. These things help us to water makes us feel good, clean, satisfied.

You know, a long time ago, in a faraway land in a desert land. There was a small town where it hardly rained. If you know what a desert is, it’s just made out of sand. And maybe there’s hills and mountains and rocks. But it doesn’t rain much. And there’s not much rain that you know water streams or rivers, anything that goes through there. And this little desert town was like that, there was no water almost never. And the few times that it rained throughout the week, the people would hurry up and get buckets and get pots and get anything they could to get water. But you know, there was one man who had a really great Well, that was always filled with water. And this man always shared his water. His name was Thomas. Thomas shared his water all the time with everybody in the town. And he always told him if you need water, just come on over and ask you know, and that will give you water that way you never have to go thirsty or be in need of it. And he actually taught his son Simon to share his water too. And Simon will do the same he would sit there by the well. And as he was giving people water as they came across to you know, he would talk and talk about the things and their lives and their families. And they just got to know each other.

One day Thomas and Simon had to go away to another village. So they ended up leaving one of a helper from his house. And they told him to make sure everybody got the water. So they left Jacob in charge. So Jacob was doing what Thomas and Simon asked him, and he was giving the water to everybody in the town. But one day, he saw that some people are not even saying thank you for the water. And he got pretty upset. He said, Well, if they’re not thankful, I won’t give them water. So he told the people in the town, if you guys are ungrateful, you will not get water. So the people were like, oh, no, we better say thank you. So they would go get water and make sure that they said thank you, Jacob for the water. Thank you for being so generous. Thank you, we really appreciate that you share with us. And this went on for a long time. All of a sudden, Jacobs said something else. He saw that people were sometimes not treating their animals very well. And he said, You’re not treating your animals. Well, I’m gonna give you water. And then he said, You are mean to your neighbor. So I’m giving you water. And little by little he started making all these excuses saying you didn’t help her. Or you’re not very smart, you’re not gonna get water or you’re not pretty enough, you’re not getting water. So I started making all kinds of excuses to not give people water. And the people were getting thirstier and thirstier because it wasn’t raining, and they didn’t have any water to drink. And one day all the people just started going to the well saying please, Jacob, please give us water. And Jacob was like, No, you guys don’t you guys are mean to each other. You guys don’t take care of each other. You guys are not grateful for what the wire that I give you. And the people were starting to, you know, say something and started yelling and screaming, what are we gonna do? We’re gonna die of thirst.

And all of a sudden they saw a man come and the man comes and tells the people I’m going to help you get your water. So Jacob says And who are you? And he was ready to punch him. He wanted to fight he had not seen this man’s face. And then the man turns around, takes off his hat. And guess what it was? It was Simon. It was the son of Thomas, the owner of the well, who said that anybody could give up could get water, and who actually told Jacob to give the water to the people? Oh, no, Jacob was so scared. He’s like, Oh, my goodness, he’s not gonna give me water. He’s gonna punish me. And the people were like, yes, time is back, we’re gonna get water. And they kept saying, Don’t give Jacob anyone don’t give him water because he wouldn’t share with us. But you know what Simon said? He said, No,

he is going to get water too. Because we said that the water was for everybody. It didn’t matter if you were good to the animals or bad. It didn’t matter if you were good to your neighbor or not. It didn’t matter if you were being selfish, like Jacob, it didn’t matter if you were smart, pretty tall, short, it didn’t matter. He had promised to give everybody the water because he loved all the people in that town. And so that’s what Simon did. He shared with everybody.

Boys and girls are water is for us to drink and to enjoy. But just like this water, the way those water beautiful water pours out to the glass. You have to think that this water is God’s love. God’s love pours out to every single one of us. We are these glasses. And he fills us with His love every day. It doesn’t matter what we do, or we don’t do. He does want us to be good people and to love Him and obey Him. But whether we do it or not, he’s gonna love us. He doesn’t put any excuses or any conditions for him to love us. And we should be like him. We should love everybody. No matter how they are. Boys and girls, please go this weekend and enjoy it and remember that just like God shares his water, his love with us. We should do the same with everybody around us.

Let’s pray. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much for this beautiful day. Thank you for the love that you give us every day, all the time, even when we’re not worthy of it. Continue to give us that love so that we can share it with others. In Jesus name we pray. Amen. Have a great week, kids!