The Sun is Kind of a Big Deal
by Susanna Martinez


Hello, boys and girls. It’s my opportunity to bring you the story this morning. Now I know a lot of us were really excited about the eclipse that happened on Monday. I have a book here that talks about the sun. Then I’m gonna share some pictures. I was lucky enough to be in Dallas when the eclipse happened. And I wanna show you the pictures that I took. It was very interesting to see how God, the creator of the universe made all these special things happen so that we can witness his awesome power.

Okay, let’s read a book. Okay, I won’t get through the whole book, but I do want you to learn a few things about the sun if you don’t know them yet.

It says the sun is kind of a big deal. All of the planets and the sun live together. In a solar system, like a big family, the sun is our solar system’s very own star. Seriously, the sun is an actual star. It’s the only star in our solar system and it sits right in the center holding everything together. The sun is the biggest thing in our solar system. It’s even bigger than Earth. Way bigger. Way, way bigger. Like over a million times. So if this is the sun, that’s how little we are. Okay? The Earth. There are much bigger stars than the sun, but the other stars you see are really, really, really, really far away. Really? The other stars are in totally different solar systems and have their own planets.

Earth is a third planet away from the sun. Remember Earth is that little planet where you and everyone you know live. Pluto used to be a planet, but scientists decided it didn’t quite fit the definition. Now it’s called the dwarf planet. The planets move around the sun like in a big racetrack in space. Each planet has its own special path that is followed and they stay in their orbit. Some planets are faster than others, but each one stays in their own lane. It takes a whole year for Earth to go all the way around the sun. Did you know how many times you have been around the sun. And there’s a hint. That’s how old you are.

Now, let’s look at this part right here. It says, what does the moon do all year long? Well, earth is going around the sun. The moon is spinning around earth. The moon goes around earth 12 or 13 times in a year. That’s about once a month. Okay?

This time when we had our eclipse, the moon was in direct path of the sun and we were able to see it. Now let me share the pictures that I took. It’s right behind me.

Okay, this is when the eclipse was first beginning. You can see here, that’s the moon coming into and blocking the sun.

See here. There.

You see it looks like a crescent moon. The moon keeps moving until we barely see a little bit of the sun. And this is what happened when the moon was in direct pathway of the sun. My nephew kept saying it looked like a comet. Okay, and then the moon moved away. So we start seeing the sun once again. See that little tip that’s missing? That is the moon moving away. Now when it was completely dark boys and girls, that’s the way my niece’s backyard looked. Look even the lights in the pole turned on. When it was all finished, that’s how bright it was.

It truly was awesome to see God’s power. Okay, boys and girls, we have this powerful God that’s there to take care of us. All we need to do is call him, ask him for help.

Okay, I hope you enjoyed those pictures, boys and girls. Now let’s bow our heads for prayer. Dear Heavenly Father, we are thankful and grateful for all these awesome things you leave behind for us to experience. Continue taking care of us and help us to be an example to all those who surround us. Thank you for all that we have. For we pray in Jesus’ name, amen.

Bye boys and girls, till next time.


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