The Shunammite’s Son
Sara Rivas

Hi boys and girls Happy Sabbath. I’m excited to be able to share this week’s kids story. This week’s story is called The Shunammite’s Son, and I hope I’m saying that correctly.


All right, so this story starts with a Shunammite lady, who would always keep watch out in front of her house, she lived right on the road. And she liked keeping her eye out for Elisha. So she had invited him into their home once before, and felt like this was a man of God. And she wanted to be able to invite him to come over to his house, to their house again to eat. So she would look out the road check to see if he was there. Her husband would also keep an eye out for him.

Then one day, as they realized they didn’t have enough room in their small home for Elisha and his helper, she talks to her husband and said, You know, I wonder, do you think we might be able to build another room, on our roof, just a tiny little place. And her husband said, I think that’s a great idea. I think it would be nice for them to have a place to stop, rest and sleep before they continue on their journey. So they started working together. And they made a small room under roof, just big enough for a bed and a stone, a little lab, a little nice nightstand. And maybe a table. And of course, they were going to need a light. So once they finish the room, the Shunammite woman like all ladies like to do, they made the room look really pretty. So that it would be a nice, warm, welcoming place for Elisha and his helper. Once they got there, they said, We want you to eat with us. And we have a surprise for you. So once they finished eating, they invited them come outside, we’re going to take you up the stairs. And there’s a special room that we have just for you guys so that you guys can get some good rest, and then keep going on your journey. Elisha was just so grateful. And he really wanted to pay her back. What can I do for you? He asked her and his helpers noticed, you know, she doesn’t have any kids. Maybe she’d like to have kids. So Elisha said, Go call her she needs to come up here. I’m going to tell her that I will pray for her so that she can have a baby. So that the helper did and when they came up, he said, you know, by this time next year, I’m gonna pray and ask God to give you guys a beautiful baby.

The lady that Shunammite lady said, Oh, are you sure? Are you sure about what you’re saying? Don’t get me excited what’s not true? And he said yes, I was sure I’m praying for you. So by that time, the following year, they had a beautiful baby boy had big rosy cheeks. And he just looked so strong and healthy. And the Shunammite woman and her husband were just so overjoyed to have this beautiful precious gift that Elisha had prayed for and God had conceived this beautiful baby for them. Then, when he grew up, then he was the one that was keep an eye out to see when Elijah might be coming down the road. And when he’d see him, he’d shout out to mom and then he’d run down the road as fast as he could. And he’d greet them and hug them. They became great friends.

And one day, as the little boy was helping his dad out in the fields, he started having a bad headache. And he called out to his dad my head. My head it really hurts. And his dad asked one of the servants, please quickly take the boy take them back to his mom. Mom will know exactly what to do to help better feel better. So they did. And the mom held him and put some towels over his head to help him cool down. And there was nothing she can do to make him feel better. And that noon that day, he stopped breathing. The mom grabbed the boy, and took him up the stairs to Elisha’s room, and laid him on the Elisha’s bed. Then she called for her husband and said, Please bring me two donkeys and the servant, we need to go find Elisha. And they went as quickly as those donkeys can go, fast, fast, fast, we just have to get there so fast. And when they got there, they told Elisha of what had happened and said, Elisha, please, we can go back without you, you need to come. So Elisha did rushed back on those donkeys. And he closed the door behind him. Then he laid on the boy. And he prayed, Lord God Almighty, I know you’re so powerful. You gave this Shunammite woman, this beautiful boy, please don’t take him from her. Please, I pray that You help heal him, bring him back to life. Please, Lord. And he laid over him. And then he started to feel his skin. He was starting to get warm again. And he got up. He couldn’t believe it. And then he lay back down, lay back over the little boy to keep to make him warm again. And God answered his prayer. He woke up and he started sneezing. He sneezed seven times. And then Elisha said, I need to get his mom and his dad, they’re going to be so happy to hear this news. So he called them and said, Come pick up your boy. He’s fine. God has healed him for you. Oh, the mom was just so happy. I could just imagine them sitting. And she’s probably given extra hugs and extra kisses and extra love, because she had her son back again. And her son was just excited to be happy with his mom and dad again.

And my favorite part about this story is that one, this Shunammite woman had one good deed. And she decided to feed him. And she decided to build a room for him. And in return, Elisha decided to pray for her so that she could have a son. Then, when she needed help when he wasn’t doing well and he wasn’t breathing. He came back and he prayed again. And it just reminds me how we have so many opportunities to do something good for others, boys and girls. I pray that when you have the opportunity to do something good that you take it and that you choose to do something nice, and you’ll see how God will bless you and return. Alright, let’s close your eyes for a quick prayer. Dear Heavenly Father, we love you so much. And we thank you so much for dying on the cross for us. We are just so grateful to you, Lord Jesus, please help us to make good choices this week. And if there’s an opportunity for us to show your love to others, please help us jump on that opportunity and to show other people how amazing your love is. We love you so much and we thank you for everything that you give us. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

Thank you for being great listeners. Bye