The Most Wonderful Time

By Ethan Morales

Good morning boys and girls Happy Sabbath. I hope you guys are having a fantastic Christmas break off of school and join your family friends.

As you can see here, I got my Christmas gifts a little bit early. We’ll tie into this story in a little bit. But if you if you’ll indulge me for a bit, I just want to just one just one before Christmas. All right, here we go. Here we go. Got some wrapping for you guys. Oh, oh, what is this? Oh, wow, what is this? I think we can put this to good use, right? So you guys can hear me right now. Right? But when I start using this, we should go from sounding like this to now sounding like this. Hopefully you guys are able to enjoy the cleaner audio a little bit. We are getting upgrades here in the Ethan storytelling corner side of business. So hope you guys enjoy it in an off the honor and glory of God Of course.

All right, so let’s open our Bibles today to Ephesians chapter two, verse eight, where it says, God saved you by His grace when you believe and you can’t take credit for this. It is a gift from God. So in this Bible verse, we are told that we have received the gift of salvation through God. Now that’s exactly true. A lot of date, a lot of times these days boys and girls, whenever you get a gift, someone has to pay for it. You wanted that new toy for Christmas mom and dad or maybe grandma and grandpa aunts and uncles had to go out and buy it with money. But the beautiful thing about this gift is we don’t have to pay a thing. We just have to accept and receive the gift and make it our own. And the way to do this just talking to God getting to know God and in all the plans, wonders plans he has for you. Alright, so as you open your Christmas presents this year, which I’m sure you’re all excited for. Don’t Don’t ever let anyone discourage you from your Christmas presents. Remember that? At the end of the day, the best gift we have received as humans is the gift of salvation through God. So always remember, Jesus is the reason for the season. All right, just remember that you will be good.

Alright, so let’s pray. And we’ll move on with our service. Do you have Heavenly Father, thank you God for another day of life. May you please nourish and strengthen these children as they go forward through their Christmas vacation and help them in this new upcoming year. Lord, I ask that you please be with their parents and loved ones. Lord, may you continue to be a blessing on them so they may steer their children on the right path. Lord, we love you and we thank you for the Sabbath day. And we hope to see you soon. We ask all these things named Jesus Christ, amen.

Alright, boys and girls have a very blessed Christmas and we will see you next time. Happy Sabbath.