The Missing Piece
by Celene Melenciano

Hello boys and girls. Good morning and happy Sabbath. I hope you guys are having great time at home. I know this week was a little bit cold, a little bit chilly, a little bit rainy. But maybe you got a chance to jump into puddles of water out there. Or maybe once it stopped raining, you went out for a walk or a little hike. Whatever you did, I hope you guys have fun.

Now, I wanted to ask you one question, how many of you guys like making puzzles? Ah, I think we all do. They’re fun, right? But he could also be a little bit frustrating when you can’t put them together. Okay. There’s puzzles with big pieces, which are easier. And then there’s puzzles for older kids, you know, they might have smaller pieces. And as you get older, you get the smaller and smaller and smaller pieces. Like this piece. Look at how tiny this piece is. Can you even see it? This piece is from a 2000 piece. puzzle. Okay. And it took a long time for the people who made this puzzle to actually finish it. Anyways, let me show you the puzzle. And tell me if you like it.

See that puzzle? Isn’t that beautiful? Right? Somebody’s at the beach with their car and their camper, their beach ball. You don’t want just having fun out there enjoying the sunset. But there’s something wrong with the puzzle. What’s missing? It’s kind of hole. It’s missing pieces. If the pieces are missing, do you know what belongs there? Not really, right. But what if we start putting pieces in there? Do you think we’ll be able to put it together? Let’s try it. Let’s see. If I put a piece here. Do you still know what that is? No, not really. It’s still incomplete. Right? It’s still not finished? What about this one? Nope. Still have a hole right here. We still don’t know what that is that we still don’t have a complete puzzle, right? So let’s put all these rest of the pieces in there. Here we go. Look, we put it together. And what was it? It was a bird a seagull. Right. And that completed the beautiful puzzle.

Did you know that our lives are kinda like a puzzle too? When God made us, he made all of us in a puzzle like way.  It’s you and your puzzle. Right? And in there is your mom and your dad, that forms a piece of your life. And then you have your your aunts and your uncles and your grandparents and your friends, and maybe your teachers, and just so many things, including your pets, right? And maybe the things you’d like to do, and you’d like to enjoy, and have fun. But, you know, we think that our puzzle is complete our life is perfect, except when we see that one hole and that missing piece in the puzzle It is not complete, right?

Well, you want to know what completes the puzzle. It’s God. No matter what you have in your life, who you have in your life, and everything you have in your life. If God is missing, if he is that tiny, tiny, little puzzle piece, this tiny, this small, your life is not complete. So you need to remember that God is always part of your puzzle of your life.

I hope you guys have a great rest of the week. I hope that you include everybody and everything in what makes you and that you don’t forget to include God to complete your puzzle of your life. Let’s go ahead and let’s have a word of prayer. Dear Heavenly God, thank you so much for being with us for protecting these kids and for being with them, helping them get through maybe what could be a little bit of hard times, but also for bringing them happiness and having them close to their families. We pray that you be part of their life, Lord, that you help them complete that puzzle in their life so that they have a beautiful scene and beautiful life. Thank you for all you do for us Jesus name we pray. Amen. Have a good week kids.