The Mirror
by Travis Antonich

Good morning children. Happy sad that. Wow. Can you believe it’s already June? January, February, March, April, May. June. We’re already halfway through the year. When did that happen? I guess Time flies when you’re having fun, right. Hope you all doing well. I know it’s almost summertime for you. So hope you got your summer plans, whatever you got going.

But I got a story for you a really cool story. The story is about a kid named Sean. And Sean was nine years old. Anyone nine years old here? I’m not but Sean was. Sean is nine years old. And Sean came from a very special family. Why was this special family? Because Sean’s family was rich. I’m not talking they had money. Sean’s family had a lot of money. They’re what you call wealthy, just like a king and queen, you know, a king and queen. They live in royalty, and they usually have a lot of servants and stuff. Usually very wealthy, a king and a queen. Sean’s family was that type of wealthy.

Sean throughout his whole life, got anything he wanted, and bought anything he asked for. So one day, Sean goes to an antique shop with his mother. You guys know what an antique shop is? It’s just like a shop. You can buy, usually older things, but just different stuff for your house decorations, bookshelves, antique shops have it all, really. So they went to an antique shop. And Sean’s walking around and staring at this and looking at that. But then Sean notices. There’s this thing covered with a blanket. So he runs over and grabs the blanket and he throws it off. And you know what he sees? He sees a mirror. Right? Shawn sees a big mirror. And Sean says, I want this. I want this to go in my room. So he runs to his mom. He says Hey, Mom, I want this mirror. Can we buy this mirror? The mother says Sean, do you really need a mirror? He says yes. I want this mirror. I want to put this mirror in my room. Just like normal. Shawn got what he asked for. So they bought the mirror. And Sean’s parents put it in his room. And then his parents left. So it was just Sean and his mirror in his room.

And Sean walks up to his mirror and he puts on a big smile. But you know what? You know how mirrors usually show you your reflection, right? Well, Sean’s reflection wasn’t smiling back. All he could see was a big frown. Sean’s like, I think my mirrors broken. So he steps out of the mirror and he jumps back and he smiles even bigger. But the mirror didn’t smile back. It was frowning again. Sean didn’t know what to do. He was smiling as big as he could. But the mirror kept frowning back. Sean couldn’t believe it. He said What’s the matter with my mirror? Sean said you know what? I’m gonna try again tomorrow morning. So he covers up the mirror when he goes to bed. So the next morning Sean wakes up brushes his teeth does all his morning duties. And he says, I’m just gonna try this again. So he takes off the blanket. Smiles looks at the mirror. And the mirror is as you guessed it, frowning. Just frowning back at Sean. Sean’s like, you know what? I’m tired of this mirror. So Shawn goes to the park to go play.

So now Sean’s at the park. And he’s just doing his thing as he normally does. He’s just playing there in the playground. But he notices there’s a kid crying. This kid is about four or five years old. He’s just crying his eyes out. Sean runs over. And he says, Hey, what’s the matter? The kid looks at Shawn and he says, I can’t find my parents. Where my parents. Can you help me? And Sean says, Yeah, I’ll help you find your parents. So he grabs the kid’s head, and they start walking. And Shawn sees a mother and a father. And he runs over. He says, Hey, hey, I found your kid. And they look at Sean and the kid and they say, That’s not our kid.

And Sean looks at the kid and now the kids crying even more. So they are they’re walking and they’re walking and Shawn can’t find the kids parents. But the kids crying even more now. So Sean’s like, you know what? Let’s go. Let’s go get a snack. Shawn goes with the kid and he buys the kids some stuff to eat an ice cream. And they go back to the park. And then he asked the kid, he said, Sean tells the kid look, kid, you got to help me find your parents because I don’t know how they look like. So the kid looks around. And he sees his parents. He says, those are my parents, those are my parents. So Shawn grabs a kid and they run. The kid and Sean says, Hey, I think I got your kid right here. The parents looked down. And they said, yeah, that is our kid. That’s him. Sean looks over and the kid is smiling and the parents are smiling and they’re so happy. They thought they lost their kid.

So Sean’s walking home. And Sean checks his pockets, but he has no more money, so he can’t stop by the store to buy anything. So he gets home, doesn’t go to the store. He stands in front of the mirror. And Sean felt really good about helping that kid. Sean didn’t even have to try. He was just smiling on his own. And you know what he saw in his reflection in the mirror? The mirror was smiling back at Sean.

You see, this mirror was a special mirror. This mirror will show you how you really felt inside. And Sean learned that day. It wasn’t all the stuff he would buy at the store. That would make him happy. But what made him happy, especially on that day was helping someone else. You see Sean realized seeing someone else happy, made him happy. And getting in and being able to help someone when they needed help. Gave Sean a very happy feeling in his heart. So remember, kids, look for other happy look for happiness and other people. Maybe help a friend, help help someone out. Help. Help someone else be happy and just lend your hand to them. Right? Just like what Jesus did with us. Jesus was always trying to help people. That’s where happiness was found is when we help each other.

Let’s pray. Directly Father, Lord. Thank you, Lord for this wonderful story about Sean . Because we know, Sean , realized, Lord that when he wakes up in the morning his his goal was not to think about himself, Lord, but to think about others. Help us to be like Sean Lord, to be like Jesus, to find kindness and to help others in need. Thank you, Lord, for the happiness we have in our hearts that we can share with others. Be with us now Lord, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

You’ve been such great listeners, kids. I’ll see you next time. Have a good one.