The Meaning of Christmas

Hi, Downey church, friends and family, we are getting really close to a very much anticipated holiday. I know my boys are counting down, I’m guessing that there are other friends of ours that are also counting down till Christmas. So very exciting.

So my boys have been anxiously waiting by the door for that Target toy magazine to get here. And once that got here, they just grabbed a crayon, they decided which color was for which one started circling all the things that they wanted. And then a Lakeshore magazine came along, and they didn’t bother wasting any time, but dived back into it, and started circling some of those other toys that they thought that they really, really must have. And just like my boys, I work at a school and I have other kids that are a little older, and they’re asking each other Oh, what do you want for Christmas? And I hear them their little chatter. Like, I think I’m going to ask for that too. kind of changing their minds about what they want too. To hear if they have something, someone else has something better that they might want to put on their list. So it’s there’s a lot of excitement and buzz going around. Everyone is really excited. So I just wanted to briefly remind you what Christmas is about.

So actually Christmas, the word Christmas is Christ plus mass. And a mass is like a celebration that we have because of Jesus Christ that was born. And he His birth was the biggest gift that we could have. And that is because of his birth that we were able to that he that Jesus was able to die and paid for our sins. And he saved humanity because of that amazing gift. He knew that there was no way that you and I can be perfect and that we could follow all the rules. He knew that he knew we were gonna struggle, and he knew we were gonna keep trying, and we were gonna mess up again and again every day. I know I do. I ask for God’s grace every day, and for his strength. And I know that every day I mess up. And I’m just so grateful that I don’t have to be perfect, and that God has already died on the cross and paid the price for me. And I’m just so grateful for that.

So I just want to remind you in the busyness of the holidays, take some time and reflect on the big gift that God has given you. And thank him for it. Alright, let’s go ahead and say a quick word of prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father, we love you so much and are so grateful that we get to have you in our lives, that we are so privileged that we can call you our Father and that we are just in awe with how awesome you are. Thank you so much for all the gifts that you’ve given us. The things that we see and that we notice and the things that we don’t thank you for all of them. We ask You, Lord Jesus, to just allow us a moment to just ponder on your greatness and the gift that you have given us and to be grateful for that. We love you so much and we appreciate everything that you do for us. Please be with us and our families. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

All right, take care.