The Lost Wallet
by Sara Rivas
topic: Prayer, God helps us, feeling worried


Hi boys and girls happy Sabbath. I’m very happy that you’re listening to the children’s story today. All right, I’m going to share my screen so that we can get started.

This children’s story has a little boy named Ben and a little girl named Annie and their mommy. So Annie Ben and their mom really needed some money. So they decided they were going to call there local farmer and ask if he needed any help. He had a big farm where he grew blueberries. And so they called him and he said, Yeah, come on over, you guys can start tomorrow. And that happened to be Friday. So that next morning, Friday morning, they woke up early, they were ready to work, they were so excited, they’re gonna bring some money home so they could buy some things for their family that they really needed.

And they came to work. And they picked blueberries. So the whole time that they were there, no one was complaining, everyone was just happy and excited that they were working and that they were going to have some money to buy things that they really wanted or needed for their house. And they worked very diligently. No one was grumbling or complaining. And once the day ended, the farmer came back and said, farmer John came back and said, Okay, it’s time to pay you guys for your hard work. Here we go. And so he gave little Annie $17 and gave little Ben $27 and gave mom  more extra money. And the farmer said, well, you guys have been just great, happy little workers. It’s nice to see kids that are so happy and not complaining. It just fills my heart with joy.

So then the mom said, Okay, thank you so much Farmer John, for letting us come and work with you here today. And so she told the kids, alright kids, it’s time to go home. Little Ben had an idea, Mom, Mom, what if instead of going straight home, we take the one way home and we get to go by the river. I love hearing the sound of the water rushing down. It’s just it’s very peaceful. I would love to have the opportunity to do that. Mom said Yeah, you bet. Let’s do it. So they ended up walking back home. They crossed through the blueberry garden, they got to the river. And as they got to the river, little Annie yelled. Noooooo!

They asked what happened. I’ve lost my wallet. And my money. All my $17 are gone. And so they don’t worry about it. And we’re gonna go back and we’ll look for it. So they went back into the blueberry garden and searched and scoured through the blueberry bushes, and they couldn’t find anything. So the mom said, You know what, it’s getting a little late. And the sun is gonna set, we have to go home, we have to go to the grocery store and prepare for Sabbath. So I don’t think we’re gonna have a lot of time to keep looking. I think it’s time we head back. So Annie says, Well, you know what, mom? What if… What if we pray? Mom said yeah, great idea. So they all got down on their knees that they just started praying Dear Jesus you know, we really need this money, Lord, you know, it’s a big problem and it’s making our hearts sad, please help us find this wallet with Annie’s money. And please make it super obvious so we could find it quickly and head on home. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

So they got up and they started looking again. And they searched up and down. Two more times through the garden. And then mom said you know what? I’m sorry. It’s time for us to go. Look, the sun is starting to set now. We really need to head home.

So as they were feeling really bummed. She said, You know, I think we’ll be able to…. Just then Annie yelled Mom!! I found my wallet! And she was just excited. And they opened it and sure enough, all the money with their all $17 were there. And so they all went home and they just thank God on their way home and they were singing and skipping. As they went home. They were so happy that God had listened to their prayers.

I wanted to share some Bible verses with you Romans 8:28 says, we know that God works to help those people who love him, he uses everything that happens to them to bring something good. He does this for the peoples, for the people that he has chosen to serve Him. And 1 Peter 5:6  says, remember that God is strong and powerful. So be humble in front of him, then he will lift you up to a good place at the right time.

So boys and girls, I just want to remind you that when you have a problem, or if you lose something, or if you’re worried about something, and that emotion feels really big, sometimes our emotions can feel even bigger than our bodies. Remember, you can take it to God, he’s strong, and he’s powerful, and he loves you, and he’s going to make it all better. And he knows why he puts us in some challenging situations sometimes. And you know what, it’s really nice to know, at least, it’s really nice for me to know, when I’m having a hard day, I can always just turn to God and say, Jesus, this is too much for me, I just want to give this over to you, and I don’t want to worry about it anymore. And I know that your will is going to be done and that I can trust that you love me and you know what’s best for me. And it’s really nice, being able to just surrender that worry or the problems over to God and that he’s going to take care of them for us. All right, I want to pray with you guys. Close your eyes Dear heavenly Father. Thank you, Lord, because you love us so much. And you always take care of us and you’re always there for us. Please do with all the boys and girls that are listening to this story. And please be with their families and send the Holy Spirit’s to be in their homes. Lord, thank you for your love and your kindness and your mercy and because you’re always there for us, we love you when we praise you and we thank you for an opportunity to come to you Lord. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

All right. Thank you.