The Girl with Big Big Questions
by Susanna Martinez


Happy Sabbath boys and girls. I hope you’re ready for the story this morning. Now, I have a story here. It’s called the girl with big, big question. Now I don’t know how many of you like to ask questions. I have a lot of students in my class who always like to ask questions. Let’s get started.

There once was the girl with twinkling eyes, and a very curious mind. This girl was always asking questions whose answers weren’t easy to find? The world is so very interesting. She wanted to learn all she could. From what makes a plane stay in the sky. Or what makes each person good. Her days were filled with adventure galore since her mind was so full of wonder. How long can the turtle stay in a shell? Why does lightning come before thunder? Why can’t people live on the moon? What happens to stars when they fall? When will you let me stay up all night? Why even have bedtime? At all? What does the dog do, while I am at school? Hey, how was the whole world made? And why do we have big hearts that can feel hurt and upset and be afraid? Could I fly if I got a good running start? The nearest volcano is where? Are monsters real? What’s the Spanish word for blue? Is it okay to cut my own hair?

From the moment you open your eyes for the day to the time she was tucked into bed. She asked and asked and asked and asked every question that popped into her head. At first her neighbors, teachers, friends tried to answer her wonder filled mind. But after a while they’re encouraging smiles were replaced with rolling eyes. She noticed her questions were making them tense. Then one day her class hit their limit. And she asked him a dozen other questions about clouds. The class hollered, please stop! Just quit it. Embarrassed the girl try to quiet her thoughts and she raised the voice so curious, so that no one would be uncomfortable, or even worse, furious.

But one day she found a nest of a bird filled blown and exposed near the ground. Why would a nest not be in a tree she wondered? And then she looked around. She was by all by herself with no one to ask. So she ran to the library shelves. She read about cities and lack of safe places for birds to build their nest for themselves. Like hunting for treasure she searched and learn more about what made her frown. With an urgent report she announced her her class. There are not enough trees in our own town. The class now moved by this information as questions about how to embark on a project to help both the birds and their neighbors by planning planting more trees in their parks. The girl knew then the big question was good and answers aren’t just things to know. There are things to discover our longside each other asking questions is how we grow.

I hope boys and girls if you are asking all these questions, the most important book to look for answers is the Bible. So I hope you look in there First, you’re looking for answers. Let’s bow our heads boys and girls.

Dear Heavenly Father, we asked you this morning, dear Lord, to enlighten us to open up our minds. And if we have questions Do your Lord, allow us to always be willing to go look into your Bible? Because we know you will give us the answers there. Guide us and protect us. Keep us always safe. For we pray in Jesus name, amen. Bye boys and girls.

See you next time.