Strength to do Anything
by Ethan Morales

Good morning, boys and girls. Happy Sabbath. Hope you guys are having a good, yet kind of cold and rainy start to spring. It’s been really weird, but it’s starting to warm up, so I’m hoping you guys are getting ready for, not spring break, summer break.

Today, for our children’s story, we’re gonna go to our Bible, and we’re gonna turn to Philippians 4.13, where it says, I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me.

All right, so when it says everything, You know, we often think of, oh, hey, you know, God, give me, give me Superman’s powers, right? It doesn’t work like that. Unfortunately, I tried, don’t worry. Um, but they’re more feasible things, more things that kind of happen in our lives that we don’t feel ready for things that we don’t want to happen. You know, the example for today, boys and girls is we have this apple. Can you guys see? Yeah, you guys have this apple. Say your mouth is, you know, too small to bite into it like this, right? but then you don’t have that cool little press, you know, where it kind of cuts it into a flower, right? Well, how else are you gonna eat it, you know? I mean, we could split it in half, but I mean, it’s kind of hard, right? You know, so we can’t do that but Just like the Bible says You know we can do all things through Christ. So if we were to ask God for example God, you know Help me cut this apple in half, you know, and if we pray and have faith enough We can see that we cut the apple in half (apple breaks apart in hands).

And it’s a real apple. so you guys don’t think I’m faking it. (Takes a bite) So that’s just one example of the things we can do when Christ strengthens us. All right, be sure to eat your fruits and vegetables, by the way.

Let us pray. Dear Heavenly Father, Lord, thank you God for another day of life. Thank you for bringing us here to another Sabbath, Lord, where we come and worship you. Lord, right now, I ask that you be with these children. May you guide and protect them and not just them, Lord, but their families as well. May may you turn the hearts of the families towards you and the hearts of parents towards their children, Lord. Guide and protect us this upcoming week. And we thank you again for all you have done. We ask all these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

All right, boys and girls, I’m gonna finish off my apple here. And we’ll see you next time. Bye, boys and girls.


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