Something Precious
by Marissa Garcia


Good morning boys and girls Happy Sabbath. This is Marissa, Sabbath school teacher. And I’m here to bring you the story today stories is based on is called a Legend of The Blue Bonnet. And it’s a legend is kind of like a fairy tale from the Native American people called the Comanche.

So the Comanche people were praying to the Great Spirit. Because there hadn’t been any rain. So their land was dry, and nothing was growing. And people were dying of hunger. And they didn’t know what to do. So for three days, the people dance and tried to figure out how could they have the great spirit bring rain, because people were dying of hunger. And there’s this one little girl who her name was she who is alone, yes, that’s her name. She who is alone. She’s one of the few children left because when there’s a famine, that means that there’s no water to grow food. Usually, the older people like the grandmas and grandpas, our little kids die because they need nutrition to grow. But there was this one that one of the few girls left. Her name was she who was alone. She was watching everybody dancing and trying to figure out how to bring down the rain. And she had with her most favorite thing in the whole world, her doll.

This doll was very special because her mom and dad and grandma and grandpa had died because of the hunger. And this is the only thing she had left. Her mom had helped her make the doll. Her dad have brought some blue feathers to decorate her doll. So this is her favorite thing in the whole entire world always reminds her of her mom and dad.

And then one day the people Comanche their leader said, I’m going to go to the mountain and talk to spirits and see what we need to do to bring down the rain. So she said their pain with their dog waiting for the leader to come back. So when she came back, he said, Okay, everyone, I know what we need to do to bring down the rain. He said, We have been very bad to the earth. All we do is take and take cut down trees, plant and we just don’t treat the earth well. So the Great Spirit wants us to give up our favorite thing, the thing we love the most. The thing we possess the most and sacrifice it. That means give it up. So we can bring down the rain. So everybody was like “yay. Now we know what to do” and dancing, getting the fire ready. And everyone in fact, went back to the TeePee to think about what they can their favorite thing to bring back their favorite thing and what they could put on the fire to sacrifice. One of the men said, um, I don’t think the Great Spirit wants my favorite bow. No, I’ll give him something else. One of the ladies was, he cannot mean to give up my favorite blanket. No, no, no, it took me forever to do it. I don’t think he means that not I think so. And on and on. People were discussing what should we give up? Can be my favorite beaded purse. It cannot be my potted plants. No, no, it’s got to be something else. So they have to fire on paper bought other things to burn.

Little girl, she who is alone. She looked at her doll. And her doll was her favorite thing in the whole world. It’s what she loved the most. And she said, I think the great spirit will want my doll. It’s the most precious thing I have. So everybody fell asleep. All the TPS were reclosed, she creeped out and washed. And she got the last little fire she found. She tiptoed away from the tents she thought of her doll as she put the fire down. It shows this is my the most my most favorite thing in the whole world. It’s the only thing I have left from my mom and dad and my grandparents. But this is what they want. This is my favorite thing. As she gathered more sticks to make a bigger fire before she could change your mind in the middle of the night, she dropped her doll in the fire. And if it cleans, up and when the fire cooled down, she got the ashes that was leftover, not as she threw it, threw it to the north, threw it, threw it to the east, through to the west, all over the land.

And the next day, when she woke up, she woke up to these beautiful, beautiful blue flowers all over the land. The exact blue of the feather of her doll. And then the people woke up. And they woke up to the beautiful land of the purple flowers. And they were like we’re not going to suffer anymore. And the waters came down, raining and raining. And everybody was so grateful. And so happy. Every spring, they always remember the little girl, the little girl who gave up her doll, her favorite, the only thing she loved the most and thankful for giving them another chance with the land.

Now boys and girls, we have a real story about somebody giving up their favorite thing for us. And somebody was thought he gave us the thing he loved the most his baby, his baby Jesus, He gave them to us so we can have a second chance. A second chance of being forgiving, a second chance to live when we get to heaven. And if it wasn’t for him. We wouldn’t get up a chance to see Jesus and everyone in our loved ones in heaven. So boys and girls always remember when people say around church are you the pastor saying God died for our sins? That’s what he did. He gave up his favorite, like the little girl her favorite doll with all his heart, he gave us Jesus so we can have a second chance in life. So boys and girls, always remember that you can always be forgiven and you’re always going to have a second chance.

Okay boys and girls enjoy yourself if and until next time. Bye


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