by Celene Melenciano

Good morning, boys and girls. Happy Sabbath. I’m so glad that you’re joining us today for your kid’s story.

The story for today is about Kelly. Kelly was afraid of dogs. I know a lot of us have fears, and some of us actually have fears with dogs or other animals. Well, Kelly was so scared of dogs that when she had to go to an errand with her mom or outside, she would either hold on to her mom or run in the car very quickly. because she was scared of the neighbor’s dog. They had a big dog with big teeth and she was always imagining that it was going to bite her.

Let’s take a look at this dog. Look at that. He’s pretty big, right? He has those big ugly teeth. And look at Kelly, she is so scared.

You know, Kelly went to school with her friends, Caroline and Anna. And one day while they were in school, the school brought the police department over to talk to them about safety and other stuff. And they were telling them how they would appreciate if the kids in our classroom or in the whole school would each bring a toy or would bring a stuffed animal to share with other children. Because during the times of when something happened or there was an accident and the child was scared, they would give them a stuffed animal to make them feel better. And that happened. the kids feel a lot better and feel special. So, you know, they were asking for these toys. And Anna and Caroline and Kelly decided that they wanted to do more than just bring some from their house, they wanted to collect more. And they asked their teacher if it was okay to collect some from the neighborhood. And teacher said, yes, I think that would be awesome. So she said, make sure you ask your parents first.

So. Kelly, Caroline and Anna asked their parents and the parents agreed that it was a good idea to get more toys from the neighborhood. So they made the plan to get together one day after school and Kelly’s mom was with them, making sure that they were okay. But the girls were doing the talking, the girls, they were going to the neighborhood close by and asking their neighbors about the toys for the kids for the police department. When they were getting to one of the neighbor’s houses, guess who they saw? Ah, somebody was out there growling with their big teeth. And Anna was so scared. She was just terrified. And her friend told her, you know, don’t worry about it. When you’re feeling scared, pray to God and he’ll help you. And two, just be careful with the dog. They just think you wanna invade their property, their territory, and that’s not what you wanna do. So you just need to be, you know, instead of running scared and crying, just, you know, stand still when the dog’s coming to you and don’t look at him in the eyes because you don’t want him to think that you are trying to fight something, you know, but just talk to them slowly and just let them come near you. Don’t run, don’t do anything hasty.

So, It was Kelly’s turn and Kelly’s turn was to go to that neighbor’s house that had that big dog. So she was so scared that she froze for a bit when she saw a dog. But she remembered and she prayed and she said, God help me. I have to talk to the neighbor. I’m scared of the dog. Help me not be scared of the dog and help the dog not bite me. So when the dog was coming and he was showing his big teeth. Kelly just stood still. She remembered what they were talking about. She stood still and didn’t say anything big or scream or any of that stuff. And soon the dog was just getting close to her quietly because Anna wasn’t scared. I mean, Kelly wasn’t scared. And then the neighbor came out, the dog’s owner, and said, hey, leave those poor girls alone, dog. Come over here. And the dog left. and the girls were able to come into the neighbor and explain what they were doing.

And at that point, they had so many stuffed animals in their hands that they couldn’t even take them anymore. You know, they were just so many. And they just, you know, were saying, we’re collecting these for the police department to give them to the children that are scared at times, you know, so that they feel a little bit better. And while they were doing that, the dog came back and started sniffing Kelly’s hand. And Kelly just… kind of just stretched out her hand and the dog smelled it. And then he put his head under her hand so that she could pet him. And she started petting him, you know.

So when she was at the beginning, she was very scared, remember? And this is how she looked just standing there at the beginning. But then when the dog came over, she said, look, the dog is smiling at me. I’m seeing his teeth, but his teeth are actually because of his smile. Isn’t that nice? That day Kelly made a new friend and found courage when she used to be scared. And you know why? Because she knew that God was with her and would protect her. You know, boys and girls, whenever we’re scared of something, we need to ask God to help us. You know, of course, don’t put yourself in dangerous situations. But if you feel that God can help you, God will help you. Just remember that.

Let’s say a word of prayer. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much for your love, for your protection, and for your guidance. Please be with these boys and girls this rest of the week. Lord, please hold their hands, and please remind them that you are always with them. We pray this in your name, amen.

Thank you, boys and girls. I hope you have a wonderful week, and remember that if you can help anybody, please do so, by, in different ways, collecting toys, food, clothes, helping in an errand or so. And always remember not to fear because God is with you.

Have a great week. Bye bye.


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