Prayers for God
Ethan Morales


Morning boys and girls happy Sabbath. Hope you guys are doing well as always, you guys had a good week and hope you guys have a good upcoming week as well.

Today’s Bible verse, we’re going to look at First Thessalonians chapter five, verses 16 through 18. Where it says, be joyful, always pray continuously give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Now, what does this mean boys and girls, does this mean that we have to stay locked in our rooms with our door closed in a dark room praying to God all day long? No. What it does mean though, is that we should be talking to God continuously throughout our day no matter where we are. Now, to demonstrate this, I have a little object lesson for you guys today that involve some Skittles.

All right, boys and girls. So for this object lesson, we’re going to go ahead and use some Skittles. All right, what we’re going to do is, we’re going to pour them onto the plate like that, and we’re gonna line them up to make it look neat. And we will probably make it go quick, just like that. Now that we have our Skittles, all set, what we’re going to do is gonna, we’re going to pour some hot water here in the center, and we’re going to see what happens.

So and we will let it rest for a little bit.

And as you can see, boys and girls, when we pray, these Skittles represent us, this plate represents the world. And as we pray to God, our prayers go up to God all here in the center, creates a little rainbow. And this is what God sees. When we pray to Him, our prayers go to him. And he helps us out with whatever we need help with.

And just like we see this rainbow right here is a beautiful one. This is what God sees when we pray to Him, a beautiful, pleasant sight for him.

Well, boys and girls, I hope this object lesson has taught you what our prayers mean to God and how they get there. You guys have been such great listeners. Let’s go ahead and close out with a word of prayer. And then we can continue. Alright, let’s pray. Dear Heavenly Father, Lord, thank you, God so much for another day of life and for letting us to come here to worship you on our Sabbath Lord. Lord, I ask right now that you please be with these kids. May you give them a double dose of your Holy Spirit. May you guard and protect their hearts and minds Lord, I also ask that you please be with the parents of these children as well as any family members or guardians, Lord, Amen.

Bye boys and girls happy Sabbath and I hope you guys have a good upcoming week.