Downey church friends and family. I’m very excited to be able to share the kid’s story with you. I hope it’s a blessing to you. Right. Here we go.

It’s about Peeps. Who doesn’t like Peeps? I know my family really likes peeps. I’m guessing that to your family probably likes peeps too. My boys. Sure do. And to this weekend, we had a little bit of a peeps war at at my house. So it all started with a very loving Auntie that decided to bring a gift for my kids and for their cousin. And their cousins got their cousin got a mug with peeps on it. And since my kids are love peeps, one of them had a not so great reaction. He told me, Mom, why does my cousin always get the good fun gifts? And I get the really lousy ones. Good thing auntie wasn’t listening to this. But I noticed that that week, he’d been having a lot of comments or making a lot of comments that sounded just like that. Why do I not get this? And brother always gets this. And we call that all or nothing thoughts? So if you hear always or never, and then you see a frowny face or a whiny tone? Yes, what you might be having some all or nothing thinking. And let me tell you about that. It doesn’t make you feel very good. And most of the time, it’s probably not true. Yeah.

So the Bible tells us in Second Corinthians 10:5, to demolish arguments, and every pretension sets set themselves up against the knowledge of God. And where do we get God’s knowledge? Where is that written down? Yes, in the Bible. And so and it says, to take every thought captive. So you have a thought you’re like, huh, catch that one? Once you have a trapped? You’re like, wait, I just said, I never get to choose a movie on movie nights. That’s not really true. Hmm. Probably not. So guess what? kind of speaks of truth. So I don’t always get to. But it’s not always. And or here’s another one that I hear a lot. He always gets to go first. Sometimes you go first to Yeah. And it says, Make the your thought obedient to Christ. If your thought is saying he is the best at this, and I’m just though worst. What does God say about us? Does he say that as his children were the worst? I haven’t seen that in my Bible. Have you? I don’t think so. God loves us a lot. And he’s a has a lot of very beautiful things to say about us in the Bible. And it’s not that we’re the worst.

So here’s your homework for the week. I know, more homework, sorry. If you so the nice thing about having family is that they are there to help you. And they’re there to love you. And they are there to be your cheerleaders. And so this week, I want us to use our family to our advantage. And so if we hear all or nothing thinking, which sounds like I’m never ah, oh, always. And that’s whiny, frowny, sad face. You see that or hear that? Remember, catch that thought. And so you can tell your family members, and you know what, kids, it’s easy to catch our parents doing it too. I know I do it sometimes. And so if you do say I got something I think I just heard you say all or nothing. And then here’s what I want you to say compare it to what God says in His word about you and change that statement into what truth? What is God’s truth and then to make you feel better, and to get you out of that slumpy grumpy old whiny feeling that you’re going through. Here’s your your recipe, your If I recommend that you serve others, that you look for ways to do something nice for someone else. And you’re going to see that feeling that yucky feeling is going to become a feel good feeling. God made us to serve others. And that is why He sent His Son to give us an example of that. And so I hope that this week, if you get Teles catch one person, I’m hoping it yourself, but if you can catch someone else, because it’s always easier to hear somebody else complain, make sure to remind them that, that you love them and that you cut them and you would really like them to say something that is true, and and if they are feeling but maybe you could give them something that they can do to help you. Hey, you know what would really make me feel good? I’d really like it. If you could do this with me today, for five minutes or 10 minutes doesn’t have to take long to something fun. All right. Let’s close your eyes to pray.

Dear Jesus, thank you so much for dying on the quest for us. We love you so much, and we can’t wait for your second coming. Please help us to be careful of the thoughts that we say to others, about others about ourselves and help them to be truthful thoughts. And when they’re not help us to catch those thoughts. And to reframe them, restate them in a way that that is truthful and in a way that reflects your love for us always. We love you so much and we can’t wait to be in heaven with you forever. And your sweet name we pray. Amen.

Bye, everybody.


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