by Sara Rivas


Hey boys and girls Happy Sabbath. Sorry, I’m a little sick.

This week’s kid story is about patience. So, Eddie and I decided to take the kids to visit the airport, they have been talking a lot about LA, and the Long Beach airport and wanting to get on an airplane and wanting to fly. So we decided to take them to a little spot right next to DeVry University that is in front of the Long Beach airport. There’s a parking lot there, right in front of the runway.

So before we got there, we decided we’d get them something yummy to eat out, to eat to munch on. And so we went to Red Robin, we got them some steak fries, and we got them some strawberry lemonade. And we already ordered everything online. So we just had to wait about 10 minutes for them to bring our food to our car. So while we were there, the kids were just so excited about going to the airport, and they were so excited about getting their yummy snacks. And they were losing it, and they’re kept saying, Mom, take our seatbelts off. Come on, we want to get out of our carseat. Mom, come on, keep it going, say now can we go and sit down and go pick it up? Can we pick it up? And I’m like, No, we’re not dining in today. We’re only waiting for them to bring their foot out to us. We have to be patient. Oh, this is taking so long. What about now? Can we go now? And they just kept persisting, that we get down that we get the food right away.

And that that reminded me of a Bible story. So I asked him I said, I wonder who can think of one or actually two people that waited a very long time for God to give them a promise. And I told them it’s about a lady and a man who were almost the age of grandparents when they had their baby. So they thought long and hard. And they’re like, Oh yeah, it was Sarah. So Sarah was 89 years old when she was in her tent. And she overheard her husband speaking with three messengers that God had sent. And they told Abraham oh, where’s Sarah? Oh, she’s inside the tent. She’s making some food for you guys. Well, Sarah will be pregnant next year. She’s she’ll have her baby by next year. And Sarah laughed. A baby. I’m 89 years old. That’s crazy wild. But God had already promised Abraham that he’d have lots and lots of descendants just like the amount of stars in the sky. And that’s a whole lot of stars.

So Sarah, laughed at the idea of her having a baby boy because she knew she was just so old. But sure enough, God gave them this beautiful baby boy. So when she was 90, get this Abraham was 100 years old. They had their lovely baby boy, and they named him Isaac.

So boys and girls, if there’s something that you really want in your heart, feel free to pray and to ask God to give it to you. God will provide. It’s it says in the Bible that we can ask him and that he will give us what our heart’s desire. If we pray, and we are patient, and we wait for God to give it to us in his time.

All right, boys and girls, let’s close your eyes and pray. Dear Jesus, thank You, Lord, for Your love and Your kindness and Your goodness and Your mercy. Please help us to be patient. Please help us to know that we can come to you and that we can ask for whatever it is that our heart desires. And that if you know that it’s right for us that you will provide it in your Time Lord, thank you for your for your patience with us as we practice being more patient and as our parents practice being more patient with us to love you and we praise you and we thank you for coming to die for us. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

All right, thank you boys and girls for being great listeners.