One Question
by Sara Rivas

Hi, Downey Church friends and family. I’m excited to be able to share the kids story again.

So I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping that by now most of you are either in summer vacation, or are soon to be in summer vacation. But I just wanted to share something with you guys. We have officially started our summer here in our home. Thursday was our last day of school for kids. And it’s really nice to be able to have our first Sabbath in summer break.

So, I’m going to be really honest, I’m going to share the last couple of weeks getting nearing, approaching summer break were pretty rough. It was hard to get out of bed. It was hard to get the work done. It just felt like we really, really needed a break. And so one of the things that we did to help push us and encourage us to continue was to make a summer bucket list. So we added a couple things that we really wanted to do this summer. And one of the last things that we added to our list, we did it because we really wanted to have a closer bond between us as a family. And it’s something that I want to encourage you guys to also do with your families.

And so that one thing we added was a question. And so the question that we ask each other is, what can I do for you today? It’s really simple. And you can ask one person or if you want to be amazing and ask everyone in your house every single day of the summer, what can I do for you today, then you know, hats off to you for doing that. But I really think that we I know as things get challenging, things get stressful. There’s a lot of demands that are placed on us. And sometimes we’re not the kindest to our families. And so if, you know, I know what happens in every family, it definitely happens in mine and we can be a little mean to each other.

But you know, let’s make this summer a summer where we’re gonna repair broken relationships. Let’s love really hard on each other and let’s be kind to each other. And Jesus calls us, you know, to love one another. So let’s do, let’s really try to do that this summer, especially now that we have some extra time. Just go around and ask if there’s anyone that might need some help or might need something. And if you’re able to do it, to do it. And I promise you, and I’m gonna be praying for you that God would bless you and your family so that you guys can be closer. And I know that’s… That’s what He wants. He wants us to love each other. And I know that He will definitely provide for you.

So, all right, let’s go ahead and say a word of prayer. Dear Jesus, thank you so much for all that you give us. Thank you for your never-ending blessings that you continuously supply to us. We ask you, Lord, to be with us during the summer break. Help us to be kind and thoughtful of others and not… just think about ourselves and what everything that we want to acquire, but help us to put others first and to amend any broken relationships that we might have with our families and help us to just have a fun, safe summer. We love you so much and we thank you. And we ask that you please have the Holy Spirit shine brightly through us so that others may know that there’s something different about us and that they may want to also come to you, Lord Jesus, to experience a different joy. We love you so much and we thank you in your sweet name we pray. Amen.

All right. I hope you add that one question to your summer bucket list. Bye.


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