Just Like Plants
by Susana Martinez


Happy Sabbath boys and girls this morning, it is my pleasure to bring the story to you.

Now I want to ask you a question before we begin, do you know what a plant needs in order to grow?

Let me see, what do you know it needs? Yes, you’re right, we need soil or dirt. We need sunlight. Very good. We need air. And then we need something to plant right, we need a seed of some kind. And once we planted in the dirt or the soil, we need to take care of it right, we need to water it. Now if the plant needs sunlight, we need to make sure we place it somewhere where it gets enough sunlight.

Now, I’m going to use that comparison with our spiritual walk with Jesus. Now when we first meet Jesus, that’s when we get our little seed. And then we planted in the dirt. That’s our community around us. And the more we take care of this relationship we have with Jesus, our path will continue to grow. Now we can use the sunlight as the time we spend studying the Bible that will help us grow.

Right now, my students here at school have planted seeds of Mary gold. Now some of our seeds, as you can see, are barely sprouting. Now, I have another one here, they’re a little bit bigger. Now the second grade class boys and girls, they’ve planted theirs earlier than my class. Let me show you how big their plants are.

Now remember, if we continue to study God’s word, and we remember to read the Bible, and part of that is memorizing some memory verses boys and girls, our path will continue to grow. Now we need to be very careful, because if we forget to water our plant, it will get dry, and it won’t look so alive, like this plant does boys and girls. So we need to make sure that we maintain our plants, just like we maintain our plants by keeping an eye on them, watering them, make sure they get sunlight. That’s the way our relationship with God should be. Now he’s left a lot of good verses in his Bible, we can feel us like a treasure hunt, we need to go in there and find it. Now, Jesus also did tell us in Deuteronomy 6:5 You shall love your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. Now, if we use this verse in our lives, everything that we do, we can invite Jesus to be with us. And he has promise that he will always take care of us. And we invite him to come and be part of our lives. So boys and girls, I want you to remember to have your plant grow. The more we study our Bible, the more time we spent with Jesus in prayer, or helping other people because that’s what is what Jesus told us, our plants will grow. And they will just be in this container. Pretty soon we’re gonna have to plant this outside, right so it gets more dirt and its roots can grow, they can extend and that’s what Jesus wants us to do. wants us to extend our roots so that we can go share what we know about him with other people who have not yet heard about Jesus.

Okay, now I’m getting invite you to please bow your heads so that we can pray. Your heavenly Father. Thank you, dear Lord for another beautiful Sabbath. Thank you for this opportunity you’ve given us to come to your church, or listen to it online. Your Lord help us to be the strongest plant so that others can see Jesus in us, keep us safe and always protect us. For we pray in Jesus name, amen.