by Celene Melenciano


Good morning boys and girls Happy Sabbath. I go hope you guys had an amazing Thanksgiving with your family this weekend friend, or maybe they did something different and special. I’m just happy you’re here with us. And I’m glad that you’re looking forward to our children’s story today.

So today I want to talk about something that we probably don’t think much about, but we use all the time. And that is our imagination. Sometimes we use our imagination to play right. So my imagination of Mr. Potatohead. And you can change all this around, right?

So you use your imagination to play you use your imagination and stories. What are your favorite stories like some people like superheroes? Imagination for superheroes, Right? Some people like princesses, kind of like the Disney stories, all the Disney stories have all these princesses in there, right? Sometimes we imagine that we see unicorns, those beautiful horses with horns and wings, right? And sometimes, we imagine that we are in big places out there and we play maybe spaceships and monsters or house and babies. We you know, we use our imagination for a lot of things.

My favorite story does contain imagination, of course, and my favorite books are Calvin Hobbes, by Bill Watterson. Maybe you can see my see there’s Calvin and Hobbes, okay. I love this little boy’s imagination. He imagines all his stories and he has so much fun doing it. For instance, over on this one. He’s imagining that he is a Spaceman Spiff. He’s a spaceman. Okay? And it’s all part of his imagination, because he’s not really in space, and he doesn’t have a spaceship. He is actually if you look at the last one on his bed bouncing around. But he uses his imagination for so many things. Sometimes imagine this monsters, or there is monsters under the bed. And I know that when I was little I used to imagine that too. My mom had to put a nightlight because my imagination was so crazy. And sometimes I would scare myself.

But you know, that is normal for us to have imagination. It is something that gives life to our life. Okay, Jesus, God gave us that imagination, that imagination is not just for us to play, and to have fun. Our imagination has to go even thinking more stuff. Have you ever imagined how it was when the time when Jesus was here on this earth? Have you ever imagine how it must have been for Daniel in the lion’s den of tourists friends, when they get thrown in that big pit of fire? Have you ever imagined at the beginning when God made this earth when he made the plants and the horses when he made Adam and Eve how beautiful that garden is? Have you ever imagined how it’s going to be in heaven when He comes back for us and takes us home to heaven with Him? You know, our imagination is not just to play, or to read books, or watch cartoons, or watch movies or you know, stuff like that. It’s fun. It’s very fun. But our imagination can go beyond that. And we could think about all those things that happened when God was here, and how it’s going to be when he comes back and we go with him to heaven. You know, sometimes I imagine how beautiful is having going to be because I can’t even think that heaven is like it is here. I know we’ve seen some very, very nice places on this earth. You know, the Grand Canyon is great, it’s majestic. So the Yosemite and the redwood forest and the Sequoia giant giant trees after that is amazing. If you can imagine anything more beautiful than that and nicer than that. You know, maybe you’re imagining a little bit of what heaven is about. I just want you to remember we must always keep our imagination going. Have fun with it. Imagine all those cute things pretty things nice things, things we could do for others, maybe these we could do for mom and dad for friends. But never forget that the best things we can imagine. Are those things that only God can give us. Okay? Let’s use our imagination for everything. Just make sure you don’t get in trouble for it. Okay?

Now, let’s go ahead and pray to your Heavenly Father, we thank you so much for giving us everything in our lives. We also thank you because you gave us something so special special, which is our imagination. Please help us use the Lord properly so that we can have fun with it so that we can also imagine you and us being with you and heaven. Thank you for everything you do for us. Please stay with these boys and girls this week and forever. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

Thank you boys and girls have a great week.