by Susan Martinez


Happy Sabbath boys and girls. It’s my opportunity, once again, to tell you the story this morning. I have a book, and it’s called, I Promise. Now I know you’re on vacation, you’re enjoying your time off. But there’s a lot of good things in this book that I want you to think about all throughout the summer. Actually, you can even implement some of these things right now.

It says, I promise to work hard, and do what’s right. To be a leader in the game of life. I promise to go to school, and read as much as I can. To follow the rules and respect the game plan. I promise to run for court and show up each time to get right back up and let my magic shine. Never give up boys and girls keep try. I promise to open and try new things. And enjoy the happy that change can bring. This year probably this summer. I promised to wear a big smile, and use kindness when I speak, to remain strong, yet humble with every wind and defeat that I promise to ask for help. Whenever I need it, to reach for my star, even when I can’t. I promise to ask questions and find answers to believe in next time. And second chances. I promise to use my voice and stand up for what’s right. And when things get tough to keep up the fight. I imagine this being sharing God’s love. We can do that as children. I promise to stand tall, rather, and give all that I’ve got to throw the value and uplift those on the spot. I promise to respect my elders and peers the same to leave new places better than I came. I think Jesus would really love that. If we left things better. I promise to stay true. keep my head up and never give up. No matter what. I promise to dream big and love vigor. To be a team player and a winner. I promise to cross bridges and break down walls to rise when the sun and learn from the fall. I promise to be courageous, to be free to strive for greatness. I promise to be me.

Did you like that story boys and girls. I really like that we need to be who we were meant to be. And when we have Jesus in our lives, we’re even going to be better than what we were.

Now let’s bow our heads for prayer. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you, dear Lord for making us awesome human beings. Help us to Lord to be an example to show others what Jesus wanted us to share. Help us to be an example to be leave places better than we found them and most importantly to share your love. Thank you for all the blessings received for we pray in Jesus name.

Amen. bye boys and girls enjoy your summer.


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