How to Handle Burdens
by Ethan Morales


Morning boys and girls Happy Sabbath. Hope you guys had a good week and hope you guys have a good restful Sabbath.

So today for Ethan’s storytelling corner, we’re going to be turning our Bibles to Matthew chapter 11, verse 28, where it says, Then Jesus said, Come to me all who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Now boys and girls, as you get older, and as life goes on, you will encounter moments in your life where life is hard, it’s not going to be easy. Even though we do have Christ in our lives, sometimes the devil is going to be working extra hard to make things harder for us so we can fall away from it. However, it is in this verse that God tells us that we can come to Him and He will help us with any burdens.

So for today’s illustration, boys and girls, we’re going to need a lighter, an egg, and some piece of paper. Now this is a piece of paper will say represents God. And this egg represents our burdens, our struggles in life. Now, if we try to do fit, get through this burden on our own, right, it’s too big, it’s not going to fit. We could, you know, smash the egg representing us pushing through, but we could do some serious damage to ourselves physically, mentally, even spiritually sometimes. So we require the some help from God. Right. So we’re going to take this piece of paper, and we are going to do a little trick. So we’ll light the paper.

Sure. Okay, it turned off. Let’s try this again [relights paper]. While it’s in here. Wow, Yay. We’re going to take our egg again. And give it some time. So right now boys and girls, what’s happening is, since the paper is producing heat, it’s sucking the egg down. That goes to show that when we have God in our life, smoke when we have God in our life, he’s going to help those burdens pass through easier, thus, requiring does not requiring us to overburden ourselves. So I hope you guys learned something new from this lesson. Let’s have a quick word of prayer. And then we’ll continue with our service.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You got so much for another day of life for another Sabbath Lord, Lord right now I ask that you please be with these children. May you cherish their heart Lord, cherish your mind. You continue to guide and protect them as well as guide and protect their parents. Lord, we ask all these things in Jesus Christ, amen.

Thank you boys and girls have a Happy Sabbath. And we’ll see you next time. Here on Ethan’s storytelling corner.