by Susanna Martinez

Happy Sabbath boys and girls. It’s my opportunity once again to share the story this morning. Now, I know we’re still in February almost to the end. Can you tell me what we celebrate in February? Yeah, you’re right. On the 14, we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Now we also have an important holiday in February, which is Presidents Day. As you notice right behind me, some of my students we talked about, we learned about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

Now I have a very special story that I would like to share with you. I know Valentine’s already passed. But this book reminds me of what Jesus would like us to do. It’s called Heartprints. Now pay attention to see what you can do every day to help someone out. Okay. It says, How many heartprints will you leave today? Will you share with a friend? Will you give hugs away? Now at school this is a little difficult right now, right? We can give hugs later, but you can give hugs to your family. Will you listen with patience to what others say? How many heartprints will you leave today? A heartprint is formed when you do something kind. Your love touches others leaving heartprints  behind. So what will you do? Well, that’s up to you. Do you notice all the little hearts that they’re leaving behind? You can smile at people you pass on the street, you can offer a handshake, just someone you meet. You can even pitch in for an hour or two, to help out a friend with too much to do. Yes, each little kindness leaves heartprints to say a very nice person has been here today. Sometimes you’ll reach out to someone in strife and do something thoughtful that changes our life. Or sometimes you may say the quietest thing, and never quite know how you made a heart sing. But this much is certain our heartprints hold fast when others come first. And we put ourselves last. So how many heartprints  will you leave today? Will you cheer up a teammate who’s made a wrong play? Will you share a few laughs so a classmate will smile or tend to a friend who’s been ill for a while. Even a wink of your eye helps to show you care about others and you want them to know. Yes, heartprints can heal us with the power of love. They lift up our spirits like the wings of a dove. And it’s joyful to know in all that we do. The heartprints you give out make us happy to. So offer your friendship to each boy and girl and join in the music, the singing the joy and your brain the world as you go on your way.

How many heartprints  will you leave today? Now boys and girls just like the children in this book, left heartprints behind. Jesus wanted us to do that. Jesus wants us to Heartprints  wherever we go, so that they know that we believe in a great God who always shows us his love. Now let’s bow our heads in prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you, dear Lord for another Sabbath. Thank you for this opportunity you’ve given us to Lord to hear a story of how you would like us to behave and share with our friends and those who are around us. Help us to become good helpers of Jesus and all that we do. For we pray in Jesus name, amen.


Bye boys and girls.