Grateful for Growing
by Susanna Martinez

Happy Sabbath boys and girls. It’s my opportunity once again to bring you the story.

Now, I know I only have a few more days of school with my students. Today I want you to ask yourself, what did I learn this year? What can I change? What am I excited about to do in the summer? Now I want you to think, what is one thing you can change so that others can see Jesus in you? Can you be friendlier? Can you say hello? Can you remember to say thank you? There’s a lot of things we can do to make our world, our classroom, our school better. And if we have Jesus in our heart and in our lives, that would be easier. So as we finish another school year, I want you to think how much you’ve learned.

I know my kindergarteners, some of them started not knowing their letters. Now they’re able to read. Others didn’t know numbers and some can count to 200. I want you to write a little list of all the things you’ve learned. Then I want you to make another list. What are you grateful for? You know, what did you learn? What did you experience this year that you are grateful for? And then I want you to think, you know, how has God blessed you this year? All the things you’ve gained, the knowledge, you know, are we sharing who Jesus is with our friends at school? Can others see that we’re different? And they come and ask us, you know, why are you different? Why are you always so friendly?

So today’s story boys and girls, I wanted to write a gratitude list and keep this and keep adding. It’s even more interesting if you can buy a notebook and start it this year and every year do the same thing so that you can see how much you’ve grown. Because God wants us to grow.

Here some flowers here that a student brought. This reminds me of our life with Jesus. Jesus wants us to grow just like flowers but be very careful because there’s always things outside that don’t allow us to grow and be as beautiful as these flowers. Okay boys and girls so I would invite you all to start your gratitude journals so that we can see how we are truly blessed.

Ok let’s bow our heads boys and girls. Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you, dear Lord, once again, for another opportunity to almost finish another school year, dear Lord. Continue blessing us, help us, allow us, dear Lord, to be ready to show others who you are in our school life, outside, at the store, in the park, wherever we may be, dear Lord. Help us to always be a light. Keep us safe and protect us always, for we pray in your name. Amen.

Bye, boys and girls.


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