God Needs Helpers
by Chris Famisaran


Well, hi boys and girls. I have a very, very important question for you all. Have you ever had like really, really bad stomach pain to the point where like you can’t move. You just got to lie down or sit there as, as still as possible.  I know I have.

But the story I’m going to tell you now is about a little girl named Maria, who she was having some stomach pain throughout the day. But then when she went to bed, her stomach felt like it was on fire. So she calls her mom, mom, my stomach feels like it’s on fire. So she goes over, she puts her hand on her stomach and of course, you know, she flinches and she puts her hand on her forehead and realize, oh, you know, you’re burning up.

So she picks her up, changes her, takes her to the car, They go downtown to the clinic. And of course the nurse checks her in, asks her some questions. The doctor also sees her and they run some tests and it’s conclusive. She has appendicitis. Now what’s appendicitis? It’s when your appendix gets really infected and inflamed and it’s really bad and so much so it was so bad they actually had to take it out. So he called the hospital a couple of blocks down and saying, I’m going to send this patient, her name is Maria.

She’s on her way. So they picked her up, put her in the car, drove the two blocks down where they were met by a nurse in green scrubs and he gently as possibly as he could picked her up, put her on the gurney, wheeled her back so she didn’t hurt. And then when they went in, they gave her the medication and the anesthesia and to where she would just go to sleep and she wouldn’t feel a thing. So she woke up the next day after the procedure. The doctor came in, explained everything that had happened in the shirt, you’re good to go.

It’s going to take maybe a week, but you’ll be all right. Well, she hung out with her mom in the waiting room. Her mom had not left her side and she had a new teddy bear and a new puzzle waiting for her.

But as she was playing with the teddy bear and as she was playing putting the putting the puzzle together she was thinking, “Mom why did God allow this to happen to me and why didn’t God you know stop it and heal me well mom to think about it she said honey I know you’re you’re healthy and everything but sometimes you know we just we don’t always understand everything we’re living a broken world but number two God did help you God did heal you he used the doctors and the nurses and all the people around you who’ve been bringing you food and checking on you he used these individuals to make a difference and to help heal you she’s like okay cool now later on she also asked well what about the scars is it’s going to be with me permanently she said yeah unfortunately you know it’s it’s a big surgery but guess what think of it this way it’s a good reminder of God’s faithfulness that he helped save you because guess what you could have died thought about it whoa that’s important Well, what can we take from the story, kids?

Number one, there are many people that God is using to make a difference in the world, and God wants you to be a part of that. And you don’t have to be a doctor or a nurse, but you can, you know, you can maybe help bring cookies to somebody or some food who needs it, or maybe actually teach them how to make cookies.

You can help somebody with their homework. You can help your mom put the laundry away and do the dishes. There are so many things that we can do, you know, even just listening to somebody who’s having a bad day can make a difference.

And not only that, even when we get boo -boos and we get outchees, guess what? God wants to help heal us. And sometimes he uses other people to be a part of that process. But one of the other biggest takeaways is, guess what?

Where was mom in all of this that was going on? She was right there with her and actually brought her to the hospital. And you know what? Moms, dads, they do so much for you. And I want you, especially because it’s November, we’re supposed to be thankful and have gratitude.

I want you, even if you’re there with them right now, look at them and say, hey, thank you, and I love you. Thank you for all that you do for me. Now, some of you kids, maybe your mom or dad are not in the picture.

Maybe you have a grandma or a grandpa, an aunt or an uncle, or just a really good friend who you maybe really love. Just go up to them and say, hey, thank you for all that you do for me. And also, maybe if you’re a big kid like me, you know, adults, if your mom or dad are around or a family member that you love, go ahead and just say thank you.

Let’s pray. Father in heaven, thank you for all that you do in our lives. Help us to be faithful disciples for you, Lord, but also thank you for the fact that you love and died for us. And also, Lord, thank you for all that you do in our lives. Be with us now. Keep us safe. Help us to be faithful disciples in Jesus’ name.

Take care, everyone. Have a great day.


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