Follow the Instructions
by Celene Melenciano

Good morning boys and girls happy Sabbath. I hope you guys are all doing well and you’re happy for today.

Today’s story is a little bit of it’s going to be a little bit fun. We are going to make something today. Okay? Let’s say we want to make some Jello. Okay, this is orange Jello. Now, to make the Jello we need to follow the instructions right the box tells us in the back what we have to do it says put boiling water to gelatin mix. Here’s our mix. Just put it in the bowl. There’s a bowl. There’s your mix.

Now it says to add two cups of boiling water. I have my boiling water here.

Let’s go ahead and make the Jello and stir it right we need to stir it. Make sure we getting everything to dissolve there okay the Jello mix.

Can you see it coming along looks pretty nice sour orange Jello. Here we go.

Okay, once we mix in and it’s all dissolves, we follow the next instructions. It says stir in two cups of cold water. Here is my cold water.

So let me stir it in. my cold water. Stirring stirring stirring making sure that I’m following the instructions because what I want is Jello.

Ok, it’s stirred in, it’s all dissolved, everything is ready. And then left instruction refrigerate for four hours or until it’s firm or when it’s actually Jello. So we’ll put it in the refrigerator. We’re not going to be here for four hours. Don’t worry, okay. Okay, let’s say the four hours are up and are Jello is ready. Granted, I’m going to get a different color Jello today. Okay. We made this earlier. This is the green Jello lime, not the orange. And this one is actually ready to go.

So…. it’s not letting me grab it. Here we go, Jello. It is very good. Now, let’s say I wanted to make my Jello. But I didn’t want to follow the instructions. I want to do it my way. What if instead of putting the boiling water the way it says I poured cold milk? Or maybe boiled juice? What if I decide that I’m making my own thing, but it’s gonna come out the way it looks in the box? And I put in some rice? Maybe throwing some cranberries? Maybe the cranberries wouldn’t be bad in Jello. But would this be coming out? The way it looks in the box? If we don’t follow the instructions? Probably not. I don’t know if it would taste good with boiled juice. Or I don’t know milk. I know some people do milk Jello, but they don’t just throw it in there. They follow certain instructions.

You know, it’s the same with us in our life. We want to be healthy, we want to have friends. We want to have things do things. But we don’t take care of ourselves. Jesus tells us that we need to take care of our bodies. We need to take care of our ourselves in our relationship with others but if we’re always fighting with their friends are always fighting with their brothers and sisters. Is that going to be good for relationships? Of course not. The same with we want to carry bodies but we’re always eating junk food, chocolate chips. I’m not saying never do it, you know it’s good. But everything needs to be done. You know, in small amounts or in a good amount that’s my mom and dad are here to tell you. This is okay to eat. And this is not. Because we all try to take care of our bodies, including doing exercise and drinking water. So just remember if we want to do something we want to get somewhere in life, or just be healthy, have good friends relationships. Let’s just follow the instructions that told us to love one another. And we’ll have great relationships being great friends and forever probably know each other.

Same with their bodies. He says that our body is a temple of Christ, and we need to take care of it taking care of it is eating right, drinking the right things and doing the exercises. So the instructions are there, guys, and Jesus gives us those instructions because He loves us.

So remember, guys, as you go through the week, if you want to have your nice bowl of Jello, or something else, you have to follow the instructions. Keep that in mind. Let’s go ahead and pray. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much for these beautiful children. We pray that you help them Lord, that you make it fun and easy for them to follow your instructions or, and when something becomes difficult, that they remember to rely on you for help. Please bless them every day of this week and for the rest of their lives. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Have fun, guys.