Hello boys and girls Happy Sabbath. I hope you guys are having a wonderful winter vacation, and that you’re enjoying everything you’re doing with your family and your friends.
Today I want to share a story of Sophie and Seth. Seth was probably around 13, 14 years old, and Sophie was probably around 9. And they had fun making up games and going out on their bicycles and doing a bunch of different things. One day said, said, You know what, my friend from school told me that if I go to the mall, over in the back where they throw out the trash, that you can find a bunch of good stuff in the trash, you know, so I want to go check it out. Let’s see what I can find. And Sophie told him, you know, what Seth, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Because if it’s trash. Do you know what probably doesn’t work. And it’s probably gross and broken and dirty, you know, so you really don’t want to go in there. But Seth says, so you know what, I’m gonna go Sophie, you don’t want to go, you can stay here. Just don’t tell mom. And I’m gonna go and see what I can find in this dumpster.
So Seth got on his bike and started riding, and Sophie’s like, wait for me Wait for me, don’t leave me. So she got on her bike and started riding her bike. Luckily, the mall was only a couple blocks down so they were able to get there safely. Once they got there, they looked for the store that the friend had told Seth about. And they went to the back. And we found a giant metal dumpsters out there. And he’s like, ah, the trash is in here. But he said there’s a bunch of good stuff that they throw out. So I’m gonna go in there and look for things. Maybe I could find something good; a good game or a record or a CD, something that I like. So there went Seth climbed into the dumpster. That’s what they call dumpster diving, and started going, you know, through the stuff tearing up bags. And you know what, yeah, there was a lot of stuff. There was a lot of things that the store had thrown out. You know, some of them were good, but maybe something was broken, something was chipped. Something was torn, you know, and it wasn’t just from one store. It was from several stores. So there was things like toys, books, make up, clothes, you know, just different random things a store sells.
So he was looking through there. And he’s like, Oh, I found something. I think I want to take this home. And right when he said that, he also said, Oh, ouch. Something caught me. So you know, he had just got her in the dumpster. Sophie was starting to panic. Oh my gosh, stuff. Get out. Get out. We need to go to the doctor. What’s wrong we need to see. So Seth got out and they noticed that he had a big gash on one of his legs on his pants. He had a big tear on the pants. And he was getting a little bit bloody. So he knew he had cut his skin, you know his leg. And he’s like, Oh, this really burns, really burns. You know, he didn’t exactly know what had cut him because he was in the dumpster. You know, picking up the trash. So he took whatever he found his treasure, and him and Sophie headed back home. The whole time Seth is like oh, this really hurts. Sophie you better not tell mom. You better not tell mom. Don’t be a rat. Don’t be ratting me out. Don’t be you know, don’t go with your boss had been telling my mom is tough. Don’t be a tattletale. So, Sophie was like, okay, I won’t tell her but you got to do something that’s clean it, let’s do something because I’m scared. I don’t want you to get sick.
So they went, you know, into the house and they got some soap and water and they washed his leg and his wound, and they put some, you know, anti bacterial medication like Neosporin or something and they put a bandaid on it. But you know, as the day kept going, and by the next morning, his leg was swollen and very, very red, and he was crying, because it’s really hurt. It’s really hurts. And Sophie was so worried that she’s like, I’m sorry Seth, I’m gonna go tell mom because she needs to take it to the doctor. So she went in, she told her mom and she took Seth to the doctor right away. They went to urgent care. And the doctor gave on some shots of antibiotic and tetanus shot because they didn’t know what cut him and if it was metal, he needed to have a specific shot for that for the infection. So he had several shots, they gave him medications to take home, they clean the wound, you know, they got them all prepped up and ready to go. He was already getting fever. So he had to get medication for that too.
So when he got home, you know, even though he was a little bit upset, he was upset at Sophie for tattletaling. At the same time, he was grateful that she did, because she was worried about him. And because of her, mom took him to the doctor. And he was able to get the medicine and get the help he needed to clean that cut that he had on his leg.
You know, boys and girls, sometimes we don’t like it when people go tattletale on something we did, maybe if we hit the dog, or we hit a kid, or we call somebody a bad name, we don’t want you know anybody to know, especially your parents, because we’re afraid of getting in trouble. But sometimes we need to be able to tell our parents what we’ve done, especially if it’s something we’re not supposed to. And if you hurt somebody, because their parents can help us, they can guide us and tell us what we need to do. Or they can help us just like his mom had to help Seth and take them to the doctor, you know, otherwise, you could have kind of very, very sick and who knows what would have happened, you know, so things could have gotten worse for him. So I just want you to remember that. We don’t always have siblings that want us to get in trouble all the time. Sophie didn’t want to get her brother in trouble. But she was very worried because she loved them. So make sure that if you guys are going to do something that you do something that’s right. Don’t put yourself in dangerous situations and don’t just do things because your friends are telling you Okay? Remember to always trust your brothers and sisters. And I want to say trust your friends too. But be very careful who you trust to Okay. Now, let’s go ahead and have a word of prayer. Okay.
So your Heavenly Father, thank you so much for being with these boys and girls, for being by their side and for teaching them to trust each other, and to help each other as well. Thank you for giving us the wisdom to make the right choices when it’s needed. Continue to bless them this week. Your name we pray. Amen.
Thank you boys and girls have a great rest of your week.