Don’t Judge
by Celene Melenciano

Good morning, boys and girls. Happy Saturday. I hope you guys are having a great morning. Today stories about friendship. Okay. So I’m going to use a couple props and just warning you they’re not… the sizing my props is not the way it should be okay, because these are the ones that I have at home and I really couldn’t have the real sizes anywhere in my house.

Okay, so to begin this is Mr. Elephant, Mr. Elephant had been looking for friends everywhere. He felt lonely, and he wanted to have someone to talk to to play with and to have the conversation, you know. So he went looking for animals everywhere he can find them. He found a monkey. But Mr. Monkey was not willing to be his friend because Mr. Elephant couldn’t jump on trees. And he couldn’t go from branch to branch swinging. So he said he didn’t want to be his friend.

He found a dog. But the dog said he was too slow. The Mr. Elephant couldn’t run like him. And that Mr. Elephant couldn’t go on his back and roll around and do all the fun things that dogs do. So Mr. Dog left, and Mr. Elephant was very sad.

And he roamed around many places and came to the ocean. And there he saw a dolphin. And he wanted to be friends with the dolphin. But the dolphin said No, sir. You can’t swim in the ocean like me. You can’t jump out of the water and back in and swim around like I do. So no, I don’t want to be your friend.

Mr. Elephant was very sad. And he kept looking. One day he ran into Mr. Bear. And Mr. Bear was running, like running away from something with the rest of the animals. And Mr. Elephant asked him what’s going on, Mr. Bear? Mr. Bear said, there’s a tiger out there that wants to eat us. He’s trying to attack us. So we’re just running away. Mr. Elephant went to where Mr. Tiger was. And he told him, Mr. Tiger, leave all the animals alone. Why are you attacking them? Mr. Tiger said, you do not meddle in my business. Because these are not your friends. These are animals. And I’m hungry and I want to eat them. Mr. Elephants said But no, sir. They are my friends. And you can’t hurt them. Mr. Tiger said, Oh, leave me alone. Just leave so that I can get my dinner. Mr. Elephant didn’t want to leave because he didn’t want Mr. Tiger to hurt any of the animals. So Mr. Elephant gave him a headbutt. And they had been hurt Mr. Tiger and Mr. Tiger left because he was scared.

So Mr. Elephant was happy that he was able to defend the other animals. And the other animals were very grateful. And they decided that they would be Mr. Elephants friend. The bear became his friend. The dolphin became his friend. The dog became his friend. Even the monkey became his friend, they all became his friends. And they said we’re sorry, Mr. Dolphin. Sorry, Mr. Elephant, that we didn’t want to be your friend. We shouldn’t judge you by your size, or by what you could do.

Just the same way boys and girls. We should never judge anybody else by what they can do or by their size. We shouldn’t judge them by how they look or for what by what they believe. We are all children of God. And we are all meant to get along and be friends. So just remember this week that whoever you run into, they can always be your friends. Okay? This go ahead and say a word of prayer. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much for the beautiful day you’ve given us. We pray that you’ll be with these children. As they make new friends, as they meet many people, Lord, that they become a little shining stars for you, Lord, we pray that you help them that you guide them and that you protect them. We pray all this in your name. Amen. Thank you boys and girls, you’ve been great listeners. We’ll see you next week. Bye.