Do Something Nice
by Sara Rivas

Downey church, friends and family, it is so nice to have you guys at church today, I am excited to share the kids story with you. I have been enjoying my summer. And I hope that you guys are also enjoying yours, it is nice to not have to go to school. I’m really liking it. We’ve been starting our mornings with some alone time with God reading our Bible. And then Eddie and I will read a devotional together. And this week, I feel like one of the recurring themes that we’ve been hearing is serving others. And so I wanted to share a little bit about that with you guys.

So I was reading Mark chapter 12, this morning. And it mentioned how God will judge us based on the amount of gifts or talents that he has given us. And I know that you guys have lots and lots of gifts. Just to the other day, I was using my gift, which is a little interesting. I really love to shop, which is probably not a good thing for my wallet. But it was actually a good thing that I got to do for my nephew, he came by from Washington, and he needs to buy it back to back to school clothes. And I said, Well, I really like shopping, and I know your daddy doesn’t, so I can help you go get some clothes. So while we were at Old Navy, we found this really cool ball machine, like you throw in a quarter you spin it, you get a bouncy ball. And it wasn’t working. And my boys each had a quarter and they were really excited about getting their balls. And the very nice salesperson that was there had just freely gave two of the balls to the boys. And they were really excited. And they ended up keeping their quarters. They said don’t worry about it, keep it for next time. And so it was really nice to see somebody be so kind and serve us by giving us something. And and later that day, we ended up going to the grocery store and there was someone that was asking for money. And it was really nice to see Zeke to remember that he had a quarter in his pocket, and he pulled it out and he handed it to him.

And so it doesn’t have to be something big. But if you have a gift, you have a talent, if it’s just that you can listen. Ask your grandparents, hey, tell me a story. I wouldn’t listen, you don’t have conversation with them, talk to them. If you’re practicing your reading, why not read to them. And if you’re a little older, if you can help by cooking or cleaning, and it doesn’t have to be big stuff, it can be something little, like maybe you can dry the dishes and put them away. Or maybe you could pick up your plate, …… , put it back in the sink, that sort of thing. Or maybe you’re a little older and you can cook, maybe you can make something even if it’s something like hey, peanut butter and jelly sandwich to grilled cheese. Quesadilla¬† Something easy peasy. And you could make and serve to someone else. And surprise some really nice. Or if you’re a little older, maybe a little tech savvy and you see that someone is having a hard time with I don’t know setting up their ring camera, or sending a message to their doctor and you can help them with that. Go ahead, say hey, you don’t have to go. You don’t have to go to the doctors to ask them. I can send a message for you. Go for it, do it, do something easy peasy. That is easy for you. But it will be very beneficial for someone else. And if you’re older, and you can drive them to their appointments today, but they really like that. But I just want to encourage you to look for ways to serve this week. And God will richly bless you in return. And you’ll be surprised at how good it’ll make you feel afterwards as well. All right.

Let me pray for you. Do your Heavenly Father, thank you so much, dear Jesus, for loving us and for allowing us to call you our father and thank you for the promises that you have for us. Please help us to find ways to serve others this week. We love you so much. And we thank You for dying on the cross for us. In your very sweet name we pray. Amen.

All right. Bye


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