Dirty Water
by Celene Melenciano


Good morning, boys and girls. Happy Sabbath. I hope you guys had an amazing week. And I’m glad that you’re here today so that we can go over a story.

Today, I want to talk about our thoughts and how they can affect us. You know, when we think about good things, we are usually happy and cheerful. But when we start thinking, you know, I’m not that good. I’m really slow. You just put negative things in our mind, that also goes into our hearts, and we start getting sad. So I want to show you something.

Let’s say that this little glass of clear water is your mind and our heart. It is full of positivity, and it’s pure the way God made us, right? Because he made us perfect just like him. But then we come one day, we’re not feeling too well, because a friend of school got mad at us for something. And they said that we were dumb, and they didn’t want to hang out with us. So here’s one little dumb drop. One dumb drop. See? We’re no longer clear, right? We are believing what that person said. That we’re dumb. And we feel sad. It goes into our heart, too.

And then you get home, and you look in the mirror, and you think I’m not handsome at all. I am not cute. That girl said I wasn’t cute, or that boy said I wasn’t pretty. And then what happens we put another drop. Doesn’t want to come out. Another negative thought, in our minds and in our hearts, right? So now, our positive part of our minds, our heart is getting a little bit darker, right?

And then you try to do your homework, and you’re having such a hard time. You can’t remember how the teacher explained it and you can’t get it right. And you say, “Ah, I’m no good. I don’t know how to do anything.” Right? Or you can’t ride your bicycle, or you can’t ride a skateboarder. You can’t do something and you get so frustrated. And you say I am so dumb. I can’t do things, right, what is wrong with me? No wonder people don’t like me. No wonder people don’t want to hang out with me. We start putting all these bad things in our heads, right? And it goes into our heart and we start feeling sad. And we might want to cry. And we want to be by ourselves. And sometimes you get angry because of all these negative thoughts in our head, right?

What happened to our clear little water? It turned a different color, right? It’s dark now. Why? Because we filled it up with negative stuff. So there it is. But, you know, we can fix that right? We can clear that up. All we have to do is start telling ourselves how great we are. We have to remember that we are the children of God that God loves you. And he does anything for you just like He died on the cross for all of us.

So we got to start thinking, what does Jesus say? Jesus says, He loves me right? And we start putting in positive thoughts. Jesus says I am beautiful because I am made in his image. I am handsome. I am amazing. I am a child of God. And look positive thoughts start to clear up all that ugly negativity in our brains on your hearts and we start feeling better, right?

And then you tell yourself, I am very smart. I made a mistake when I was doing my homework. But in reality, I learned from it. I am very smart. And I’m not gonna do that again. Right? And if I do, I’ll go back and I’ll fix it. And then you go outside and you start riding your bike and you keep trying and trying until you learn and you say yes, I don’t give up easily, even though I didn’t get it right the first time. I don’t give up easily, right. ,And then that positive thought of you starts clearing up all that ugly, dirty negativity that was in your brain that was affecting how you were feeling in your heart, right?

And what happens if we do this every day? If you remember that you are a child of God. If you remember that God made you perfect just like him. If you remember that, there’s gonna be some hard times and we’re gonna make mistakes. But guess what? We’re gonna keep trying our best until we get it right. Remembering those things, and putting those in your heart. And when somebody tells you something negative, just tell them, “Well, I’m sorry, you feel that way. But I know who I am. I’m a child of God, and God loves me. And he made me perfect.” And look what happens. We have cleared up all the water, we have cleared up our minds of all those ugly things. We were thinking, this ugly things we were believing about ourselves, and our hearts are now joyful, and happy. And we are just excited to be who we are right? Our Bible tells us when to put this in there for now, our Bible tells us in Philippians, four, eight, it says, Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable. If anything is excellent, or praiseworthy, think about such things.

So what is the Bible tell us? Everything that it said here being noble, true, pure, right? Excellent. They’re all positive words, and says what? Think about such things. Think about that as yourself, that is you. That is who God made you to be, to be perfect, to be lovely to be a wonderful and excellent person. So don’t let all these negative thoughts get into your brain, you know, and into your heart. Think about all the pure ones. So once the Bible tells us that what tells us that we are because we are His children, and when you have a hard time about thinking of a good word, because you’re not having a good day. Then Philippians also reminds us in verse 13, I can do everything to through Him who gives me strength. So what do you need to do when you’re feeling down? When you can’t feel? Think of one nice word to tell yourself to say about yourself to believe about yourself as God to help you until I’m God? I can’t think about this  right now. My brain is sad. My heart is sad, and my brain can’t think of anything good. But I know you can help me. And you’ll see how that goes. He will definitely give you the right words and the right feelings for you to feel better.

Let’s pray. Okay. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much for the beautiful week he gave us for the beautiful day to day Lord, where we come in, we learn a little bit more about your love. We pray that you’ll be with his children, that you guide them and you’ll be with them throughout the week, that you remind them Lord, help them remember that they are your children, that you love them and you made them perfect, just like you remind them that anything bad that is out there is not something that they need to believe because they only need to believe in you and ask you for help if they need it. Thank you for everything, Lord. In Jesus name we pray, amen.

Remember, boys and girls, think positive thoughts. Don’t think anything negative and if you do, just remember that God’s love is what’s going to help you continue being pure in your heart in your mind, because you’re made perfect and him.

Have a wonderful week boys and girls. See you next time.


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