Creepy Creatures
by Sara Rivas

Hi Downey church, friends and family, I’m excited to be able to share that kid story with you guys again.

So this week at my house, we were talking, the boys and I are talking a lot about ugly creatures that God made that are venomous and are just icky, and you don’t really want to have around. So, this week, my aunt who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, told us about a scorpion. That bit one of her dogs that was expecting puppies. And unfortunately, the scorpion. The scorpion bite, the venom, I guess, in the scorpion right was so powerful, that she ended up losing all six of her puppies. But she was really sad. And so I when I was telling my boys about that story, they said why did God make such ugly creatures?

And it reminded me of another creature that we have here in Southern California, that is also ugly and venomous spiders. So I was telling them up reminded me of the Bible story where David is running away from Saul. And he goes into this cave. And we’re reading the Bible Commentary. And it says that the cave was so big like that 1000s of men could go inside. And that was how David went in. And he hid David and his, and he had people with him, his army with him, and he hid. And Saul came in with his army. And he looked at the cave, and he saw the opening of the cave had lots of spider webs. And it actually says that God sent the spider to draw its web to make it look like no one was inside of that cave. But really, David was in there. And I’m guessing that the way that I imagined it must have been really intense. Like David goes in, he hides. And then the spider goes to work. Makes it’s a web. And then like two minutes later, than we have Saul coming in, and the suspense is arising. And he’s just like, oh, yeah, no one’s been in here. Let’s go into this cave. And he goes in, not knowing that David’s in there. And that’s when David cuts a piece of his skirt off. And we we find out later that, that David is saved. And God protects David. And we also know of that many generations later. Jesus comes from the genealogy of David. So Jesus was less with David, and Jesus created spiders. And I think he created them for a purpose. And so it was really cool to see how this spider that was ugly and creepy and venomous. I don’t know if that one was but you know, some spiders are. But he was able to protect David. And it allowed a Saul to put his guard down and to not sense, you know, his army to go in and track. And it just everything happens for a reason. God has a purpose for everything.

So going back to the story about my aunt’s dog, Meanie, she was expecting six puppies. And later she shared with us that, that her puppies were really big. And she was afraid that had she kept her puppies because she still needed 10 more days until it was time for those puppies to come out. That maybe she would have been so so big, that it could have taken her life. And so that Scorpion she feels that God sent that Scorpion to come and and, and to bite her, but it protected her life. And yeah, it is sad that it took her puppies but she is safe, and she’s alive still now.

And so remember, there’s a purpose for everything and for all the creatures that God make even the ugliest spooky ones. So and we also have a purpose and remember your purpose. Your purpose is you are here to shed God’s light. You are here to share God’s love with others. Alright boys and girls, let’s go ahead and say a quick prayer.

Dear Jesus, we thank you so much for being with us for creating us with a purpose and knowing that you’ve made all these animals some are really beautiful and others aren’t so much. But we you made them for a purpose to and we thank you because you just you love us and you died on the cross for us. And you’re coming back for us and you’re taking us to a place where even the creepy ugly animals want to be creepy. You’re ugly and we’ll be able to hang out with them we love you so much and we thank you for everything that you give us and your sweet name we pray amen

All right, thank you. Bye!


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