Can I have a donut?
by Susanna Martinez

Happy Sabbath boys and girls. It’s my opportunity again to bring you the story this morning. Now as you can tell, I’m in my classroom. Now I wonder how many of you are happy to be back? Yeah, me too, though this week’s been very hot time. I hope your air conditioning has been working.

Now this week, I’ve been thinking some of my students have been forgetting to have good manners. I hope you haven’t forgotten to have good manners at school. I have a story here. Later on. We’ll talk about having good manners. Okay, here’s my story. It’s called please, Mr. Panda. I wonder if you notice what he’s carrying. Let’s get started.

Would you like donut? Give me the pink one. No, you can’t have the donut. I changed my mind. Would you like a donut? I want the blue and the yellow one. No, you can not have a donut. I changed my mind. Would you like a donut? No. Go away. Would you like a donut? I want them all. Then bring me some more. Oh, super hungry here. No, you cannot have a donut. I changed my mind.

Would anyone else like a donut? Hello! May, I have a donut? Please, Mr. Panda. You can have them all. Thank you very much. I love donuts. You’re welcome. I do not like donuts.

Hey, boys and girls. Now. Did you notice how all the other animals were demanding a donut? And they forgot to say the magic words, Please, may I. Don’t forget boys and girls to use your manners at school by saying good morning when you see your teacher Excuse me. And I have some please. That’s going to show others who Jesus is. If you remember to always use your manners boys and girls. It’s very important. I’m sure it’s going to make your teachers very happy. If you always remember to use good manners at school. Okay, now don’t forget drink lots of water, especially on hot days like we’ve had this week.

Ok, let’s bow our heads. Dear Heavenly Father, we thank your Lord once again. Thank you for allowing us to be back at school. continue keeping us healthy. Help us to stay safe, even though it’s very hot outside. Protect us and guide us help us to always be good listeners. And always have good manners so that others can see Jesus through us. For we pray in Jesus name, amen.

Have a Happy Sabbath. Bye