A Rock Can Be …

Happy Sabbath boys and girls. It’s my opportunity once again to bring you the story this morning.

When I went to the library, this book caught my eye. It says A Rock Can Be. I want you to think what is the rock remind you of our water rocks make you think this book has a lot of suggestions. And I’m going to read it and I want you to think what is the rock remind you? You ready?

A rock is a rock. It’s sand. pebble and stone. Each rock tells a story. A tale all its own. A rock can be a tall mountain. Park fountain. Dinosaur bone. Stepping Stone. Volcano slower. Night blower Lake skimmer. Building trimmer. Hopscotch marker. Fire sparker. A rock is a rock our Earth in your hand. Our Earth’s full of rocks, some simple some grand. A rock can be a bit seaside home. musky dome. Desert dune. Harvest Moon. Food grinder, Path winder. Harbor protector. Land connector. Sparkling rain, Eagle wing. Book piper. Step sheep stopper. Can you see the sheep there? A rock is a rock, part of Cliff road or sea now going discover what else they can’t be.

Now, this book made me think of Jesus. Now did you know that Jesus is our rock? Psalms 18 tells us that Jesus is our rock, and he is our foundation. Now they’re big rocks. And they’re little ones right little pebbles. Now let’s remember that we serve a God who is a big, strong rock. And no matter what troubles we face, how sad we might feel or upset, we have a rock that we can go to, and He will protect us. No matter what we face boys and girls, we always know that Jesus will be by our side.

Now, lets bow our heads. Dear Heavenly Father, we’re thankful, dear Lord for all that we have. Thank you that you are our rock and they you will always protect us. Help us to always be an example to those who surround us. And help us to notice all the little rocks in our paths and allow that that to remind us that you are always with us. For we pray in Jesus name, amen.

Bye boys and girls.


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