Burning Coals
by Sara Rivas

Hi, boys and girls! Happy Sabbath. I’m so glad you’re here to listen to the children’s story. Let’s get started.

This story is about a boy named Eric. Eric came home and he was very upset. He looked at his dad and said, Oh, dad, there’s a boy. His name is Steven, and he is a bad kid. He’s calling me names. He’s not being nice to me in the playground. And he’s telling people all these lies about me. Whoa, says dad, that’s not good. Tell me more about it. What’s going on? So Dad puts his Bible down, and he listens. And Eric tells him Yeah, dad. So Steven. He’s a really bad kid. I’m starting to think he’s evil, and I’m just so angry with him that I want to beat him up. Beat him up? says dad. That seems a little extreme. Why do you think that’s the only way that he’ll stop continued Eric, very upset. Well, you know what? I was just reading in my Bible. And in my Bible, it mentions that we can put burning coals on our enemies. Whaaaat? said, Eric, that sounds like a perfect idea. Dad, tell me how can we do that? Steven could really use some burning coals on his head. Okay. Let me show you. Romans 12 verse 20. It says you should do this. If your enemy is hungry, feed him. If your enemy is thirsty, give him a drink. Doing this will be like pouring burning coals on his head. What? Said Eric, that doesn’t sound right. That’s way too nice. That is not what I want to do for him. Well, why not ask dad? It might be worth a shot. If it’s in the Bible. I’m sure it’s there for a reason. You should consider it.

So Eric went to bed. He thought about it that evening. Then next morning, as he was getting as he was walking to school, guess who he bumped into? Yep. It was Steven. Steven was all ready looking like he was having a bad morning. He was grumpy. He was shuffling his feet as he was walking to school. And he said, Oh, terrible morning and woke up late. I didn’t have any breakfast. And now I’m walking to school and I get to see you. Huh, that’s really not nice. But Eric was thinking about what his dad had told him. He said, Oh, Steven, so you’re hungry. I had a big breakfast. I don’t mind sharing my lunch with you. As a matter of fact, here. You can have my lunch now. When Steven heard that it was as if they punched him in the eye.

Whaaat? Your going to share your lunch with me and have no lunch today. Yeah, said Eric. Not a big deal. I had a lot to eat. I’ll have some with you. So I gave him his lunch bag. And he had two pieces of sandwiches. He took one gave the other to Steven. Steven was really shocked. He couldn’t believe it. So he didn’t even know what to say. So they quietly ate the sandwich as they walked to school until they got to a little store. Once they got to the store. Steven told Eric, Boy, that sandwich was good. Thanks for that sandwich. Now I’m getting real thirsty. I wish I could have some lemonade. And Eric put his hand in his pocket, pulled out his wallet and he’s like, Hey, I have enough. Let’s go get some lemonade. Okay, I’ll spot you. You’ll do that? Why? It’s all right. It’s fine. I can wait till we get to school said Steven, just in shock. Couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Eric said it’s not a problem. Come on in. So they went in the store. They bought a lemonade for each other.

Here they are. They’re sharing their sandwich and they’re having their lemonade together. And Steven’s face just changed dramatically. He had a smile on his face now. He was an angry and upset anymore and the boys went off to School in a hurry could say they had made a pit stop. And now they really had a rush to get there in time.

While that day in the afternoon, Eric’s dad was waiting for Eric outside. He was concerned. He had been praying for him. But he was hoping that he’d made a good choice. So when Eric got home, he said, Dad, Dad, I have great news. What is it? said his dad. I burned Steven, you did what? said his dad a little concerned. Oh, I did what you said. I gave them food. And it gave him something to drink. And it worked. It did? said his dad. Tell me more about it. Well, we were walking to school and I he mentioned he was having a bad morning. And so I shared my lunch with him. And then he said he was thirsty. And it was as if God put it in his plan for us to have this happen today. And so I gave him a got him something to drink. Then we walked to school, we would just talk like we were old buddies. Oh, that’s wonderful, said his dad. I hope you always fight your battles just the way you did this one.

Boy, Eric was super happy that he listened to his dad’s advice. Boys and girls, just like Eric, I hope that you to go to your Bibles. And that you look for God’s wisdom. And there’s lots of wisdom in your Bibles. And they you look for ways to help you live better lives. And I hope that you find ways to let God shine through you, and that you can be a good example for others and that you can show God’s love to others. All right, we’re going to stop my share so we can say a quick prayer, please close your eyes.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you, Lord, for the beautiful lives that you’ve given us. Thank you, Lord, because they’re listening to this story. And we know that their hearts are good, and that they really want to make good changes in their lives. We ask you, Lord, to please bless them, and to help them to always allow you to shine through them. Thank you because you are wonderful, loving God, thank you for dying on the cross for us. And please help us to look for your word every single day so we can learn more about you. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Thank you, boys and girls.