Be Kind by Susanna Martinez

Good morning, boys and girls. It’s my turn again to share with you this morning. And I have another story.

Now it says, What does it mean to be kind? Now, Jesus left us a great example of what it is to be kind. And this world boys and girls really needs us to be really kind with each other. Now let me begin. It says, What does it mean to be kind? Does it mean being a type? Or a category? No. Does it mean paying when something other than money? Does it mean being sort of something? No. Being kind means smiling at a new student in class. Giving someone a compliment, holding the door open for someone else. sticking up for someone who is being bullied. Seeing the best in people, even when they are struggling to be their best. forgiving someone who has hurt you helping and in an injured or lost dog. Being patient, even when you’re in a hurry, very important boys and girls, saying please, thank you. You’re welcome. And the most important one boys and girls. I’m sorry, when we do something wrong. Celebrating differences in others. Jesus made us all different boys and girls is something to celebrate. Encouraging someone who needs support. Picking up trash that isn’t yours. Allowing yourself to make and learn from your mistakes. This is very important boys and girls that we learn from our mistakes. Noticing when someone is sad, and taking the time to understand why caring for those less fortunate than you are. Being kind means having the courage to treat others the way you like to be treated. So show your friends what it means to be kind and spread the word. If you can all be kind to each other and to ourselves. The world would be more loving, caring, and harmonious. Now boys and girls in here was the golden rule. Treat others like you would like to be treated. I hope every day we live by this rule boys and girls and our world, our classroom, our home, everything would be a much better place.

Hey, let’s go ahead and bow our heads down Emily. Father, thank you, dear Lord, for giving us this opportunity once again, to be here in your temple. Help us your Lord to live by this golden rule every day every minute that passes by in our lives. Help us to be better children and help us to show others who Jesus was by our example. keep us safe and always protect us for we pray in Jesus name. Amen. Bye boys and girls