Be a Bridge
by Susana Martinez


Happy Sabbath, boys and girls. It’s my opportunity once again to bring you the story. It’s called ‘Be A Bridge.’ And I want you to think about this story as we start, I know the new month, right? December. And we’re all excited because we know what happens at the end of this month, right? Now I want you to think about this and how we can be a bridge by sharing Jesus with others. Okay, pay attention to my story. Let’s see what we can do in our schools and our families to share the light of Jesus.

Okay, it says, when you look up to a world of bad news, pack up your backpack and lace up your shoes. You’ve got a job to do. Be a bridge. When someone new walks in, be the first to say hello. Your smile could be the sunshine that helps a friendship grow. If you see someone outside the circle watching others play, wave them over. Invite them in. If they say no, that’s okay.

When a classmate teases for how they look or behave, say, ‘Hey, you stop being rude. Stand up; standing up for others is brave.’ If your neighbor at the lunch bench is, ouser head and prayer? Make sure to give them space. There’s room for respect everywhere. When a friend’s mood turns stormy over a mistake made in art, saying, ‘That’s happened to me before,’ is a great place to start.

When all the slings are taken and your feelings turn to stone, remember, a bridge stays steady. It’s all right to be alone. When someone else is speaking, pay attention to their words. Listening takes courage. Let every voice be heard. When a classmate’s face is in their hands and there’s nothing you can say, simply share a quiet moment. Being present helps its own way.

When the school day comes to an end, look at the sky and sun. No, others are building bridges. You’re not the only one. Be a bridge from fear to trust. Be a bridge between them and us. A bridge is love. And love is you. Take a chance. Imagine all the good you can do. Now imagine, boys and girls, if we share Jesus’ light, this world won’t be so dark and scary anymore.

I invite you, boys and girls, to try to be a bridge at your school, in your house, with your cousins, with your family, everywhere you are. Let’s bow our heads, boys and girls. Dear heavenly Father, we thank you, dear Lord, for coming to this world and sharing the light, dear Lord. Help us to be a bridge, be a light in this world. Allow us to share what you have done for us and what we can do to change this world, dear Lord. Help us to be better children. Keep us safe, for we pray in your name. Amen.

Bye, boys and girls!


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