Susanna Martinez

Good morning boys and girls. It’s my opportunity once again to bring you the story this Sabbath. Now I know some of you are back at school and some of you are getting very excited to go back. During the summer I was able to go to Hawaii. Now I know some of you have heard that there was a big fire in one of the islands in Hawaii. Now I went to the Big Island of Hawaii. I did not visit Maui, which was where the fire was. But at the end boys and girls, we will pray for them. When I was there, I bought this book thinking of all of you, and the title is “Aloha is…” okay let’s read the story.

It says aloha is how we say hello. Aloha is what we say. When we go. Aloha means love in Hawaiian. It’s something we express without even trying. Aloha is saying Have a nice day. Aloha is giving someone a special Lei. Aloha means you are kind and caring when you have a treat. You enjoy sharing. I hope share boys and girls aloha is helping one another. Aloha is pleasing your father and mother. Aloha is being hugged and kissed aloha is telling someone they are nearest. So be happy and share a smile. That is Aloha Hawaiian style. The end.

I hope you enjoyed this book boys and girls. Now let’s bow our heads. And let’s also pray for all those people boys and girls who lost a lot of things their houses in the fire or even their family members. Let’s bow our heads boys and girls. Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you once again for this opportunity you’ve given us to come and worship you here with us throughout this day. Help us to be respectful be with all those people, your Lord and the island of Maui. Help them to Lord overcome their loss because we know you will take care of them. Be with us and keep us safe. For we pray in Jesus name. Amen.

Bye boys and girls see you next time. Bye


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