A Very Rough Day
by Sara Rivas


Hey Downey church, family and friends. All right, it’s time for the children’s story. So we’re going to share a little bit about what happened this week at our house. So I have two boys Ekeziel and Isaiah. And as they, Isaiah, was having a really rough morning, he’s just started preschool and he’s not too happy about it. He really just wants to stay home because he really liked the summer, we had a good summer. And so he was upset. And so he grabbed a toy and he threw it and it had Zeke right on the face. And Zeke picked it up. And he’s like, mom, and I said, Yeah, I know, that wasn’t very kind. And so he put it down on the table. And I said, Wow, what you just did was super kind, you, you picked it up, and you didn’t yell at Brother, you see that he’s already having a hard time he’s crying. And you just put it down. That was so sweet. So you know, I really appreciate that. So I gave him an extra star. He’s working for a toy. And so he has to get 30 stars.

That night, while I was reading to them, we read the book about, sorry, this story, where Jesus is telling a parable about a man that took care if sheep he was a shepherd. And so the shepherd lost one of His sheep. And he decided to lock up the 99, he had 100, to lock up the 99 sheep that he had to keep them safe. And he went out and left them all alone. And he went out and he looked for the one lost sheep. And when we finished reading that story, as he had had mentioned to me that something else in his day had happened. And he thought it was just really unfair. And so I reminded him that, just like the shepherd that lost that one sheep, every sheep as valuable to him, I reminded him that God loves all of us, even. But those of us that are not the nicest, even some of those that make mistakes, even some of those that don’t make the best choices, when we know how to make good choices, and we still make mistakes. He loves us too. And I told him, I said Jesus came and He died on the cross for everyone.

And he looked at me like Mom, are you telling me Jesus loves the bad people? And I said, Yes, Jesus does love the bad people. He is our heavenly Father, and He loves all of us, that he really wants us to be sorry for the mistakes that we make, and to ask Him to forgive us for our mistakes. So but yes, he does love all of us. And that was just mind blowing for him. And so I was telling him, I said, you know, things are always going to happen that are unfair, and I have missed it. But you need to remember that God is our judge, and that he will be a fair judge. And you don’t have to worry about it. And you don’t have to stress about it. And just say, God, this happened. And it’s really, it’s, my lights are not it’s really making me feel sad. And I, I just, I just want to tell you about how I’m feeling I’m feeling just so sad that this happened or that my friend or my classmate did the following things. Please help me to be strong and to and to be able to continue with my day to day. And so I want to encourage you just like I encouraged my boys, that when things are unfair. Just leave it all in God’s hands. Don’t worry about it. Don’t try to get paid back and show others grace.

All right, boys and girls, let’s close your eyes and pray. Dear Heavenly Father, we love you and we praise You for dying on the cross for us so that we can live forever with you Lord Jesus, thank you because you are a good and fair judge. And we don’t have to worry about getting back at people that do things to us that are not very nice. We know that that you will always protect us and take care of us and and that you are always there to forgive us for all the mistakes that we make. We ask you to please be in the lives of these children and their families and be with them at this this day. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

All right, bye