A Light To My Path
by Ethan Morales

Good morning boys and girls, Happy Sabbath. Glad you guys can join us for children’s story today.

So let’s just jump into our Bible verse for today. We’re gonna look at our Bible verse today, which comes to us from Psalms 119, verse 105, where it says, Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light to my path.

Now to illustrate that today, boys and girls, I have a little makeshift setup right here. We have a candle that is being held up by a toothpick in between two glasses. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to light both ends of the candle. There’s a wick on both sides. We’re going to see what happens. So we’ll light the first side, presto, and the second side. Now, as you can see, it’s kind of starting to move back and forth. This is what happens boys and girls when you kind of, not when you kind of, when you’re not sure of God’s Word. The world will always tell you to do one thing, while God’s word will tell you to do the opposite. So as you sit here, you really just kind of are in the middle, you don’t know which side to go, do I go on God’s side? Or do I go on the other side of the world? Reading God’s word and getting to know God will help you figure out the good from the bad. So as you can see with this candle, it’s kind of just in the middle. It’s not really going anywhere. It’s moving slightly back and forth. And that just kind of goes to show what life is like sometimes boys and girls, but we put the candles out.

And we get a little stand to make this even. We’ll see that when we have God on our side… like that, all right, and we ignite solely for God. We can see that when we have a stable base of foundation of God’s word, we can see that we are no longer moving back and forth. We’re actually a beacon of light for other people to see God through us.

Alright boys and girls so don’t forget, continue to grow your relationship with God. Read your Bible, and exemplify his character wherever you go. All right, let us pray. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you God for another day of life. Lord, I ask that you please be with these children. May you guide and protect their hearts, Lord, give them a double dose of your Holy Spirit. Lord, I also ask that you please be with their parents, guardians, family and loved ones for me You guide and protect them as well. We ask all these things in the name of your precious Son Jesus Christ, amen.

Alright boys and girls, Happy Sabbath. We’ll see you next time.