The Prayer that Stopped the Rain
by Travis Antonich

Hey, children, happy Sabbath. It’s me, Travis, with Downey, Seventh Day Adventist Church. Hope you are all doing very well. And you all have been staying safe and dry. I know we just had some rain today. As you can see, it’s still really cloudy and gray outside and it’s really cold. So I hope you all stood safe and warm, you and your families.

Speaking of rain, I got a good children’s story for you today. Our children’s story takes place in a classroom, a fourth grade classroom. And it was towards the end of the school day. And children just came back in from recess. And the teacher. You see the teachers looked out the window and she’s seen that it was very cloudy and dark outside and she could tell it was it was probably going to rain very soon. You see the school is right next to the beach. So they got a lot of rainy weather. So the teacher asked the classroom, please settle down, start packing up your bags and pencils will be leaving soon. But the children did not listen, the class actually got louder. And so the teacher says, children, children look outside, and they all look outside. And you know what started to happen. It started pouring rain, the rain just came out of nowhere. It just as soon as they looked, it was so much rain, the children couldn’t believe it.

And so it was already the end of the school day. And each and every school day, at the end of each class, the teacher would pray for the students. So the teacher would usually pray for Jesus to keep them safe. help them with their homework, and to bless their families. But today, she was gonna pray something extra for the children. So she tells the children we’re about to do our prayer. So everyone gets quiet, and they bow their heads. And the teacher starts to pray. And she’s asked, please, Jesus, watch over these children. keep them safe. Keep them dry. help them with their homework, and please bless their families. And so she also added Jesus, we pray that you can please just stop the rain just for a while. So the students that will have to walk home can get home, safely and dry. And then she says Amen.

But after she says Amen. She heard some laughter. And she asked the students, why are you laughing? And the students said teacher said Jesus can’t stop the rain. He doesn’t control the weather. And the teacher said children. God does control the weather. And she reminded them of the story when Jesus was with the disciples in the boat. And Jesus calmed the storm. And she said that Jesus can control things. And if we asked him to, then he’s more than willing to do it. But we have to pray about it. And she asked the class, why don’t you guys try. But no one really volunteered except one student. So one student stood up, bowed his head and started praying. And after one student did it, everyone started following his examples. So everyone started praying all the students and they all pray for Jesus to help calm the rain, so students can get home safely and dry.

So class was over. And it was still raining. And so the students that had their parents, they’re able to drive they left. But there was a lot of students that walked home. So the teacher said they could hang out for a while in the classroom. And hopefully the rainĀ  would be less. And so the teacher started, you know, grading homework and the students were playing a game. And before you know it, the students told the teacher she said, they said, Teacher, teacher, the rain stopped. And the teacher was like it did, she looks out. And there was no rain as dark and cloudy as it was. There was no rain.

And so the students quickly grabbed their things, and they left. And so the following day, the students came back to class. And the students that walked home, told the teacher, they said, teacher, we all got home, safely and dry. And the moment the last child got home, the rain started again. So they said you were right. Jesus just answered our prayers. And he stopped the rain.

You see children, God is in control. God controls a lot of things in this world, including the weather. But most importantly, God wants to control your life, right? And so if we pray to God, and we give our life to Him, just like the way he’s able to control the rain for the children, he can control your life, and he can make things better, right? keep you safe. You fed, keep you warm. And all we have to do is pray.

So let me do a prayer for you children today. Dear Heavenly Father, Lord, thank you for this beautiful Sabbath day. Lord, we’re so thankful or to be here, and to be inside and to be warm with our families. Lord, I pray you can be with these children. Lord, watch over them and bless them, help them to grow. Help them to grow strong, Lord. And most of all, Lord, keep them close to you. I pray all this in Jesus name, amen.

Okay, children, have a blessed Sabbath day. I’ll see you next time. Bye.