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Enjoy the photo albums. These will help you get to know the family members at Downey Adventist Church a little better.  Also be sure to check out our Facebook page for more pics.



Adventurer and Pathfinder Induction, Oct 2011 - Starting our Pathfinder and Adventurer Clubs


Hawaiian Shirt Day, August 2011 - Relaxing Summer service


Vacation Bible School, July 2011 - Inside Out and Upside Down on Main Street


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Celebration Sabbath & Baptism, Nov 2009 - Flash photo album  


Baptism, Oct 2009 - Flash photo album 


Fall Party, Oct 2009 - Flash photo album 


Child Dedication, Sep 2009 - Flash photo album 


Baptism & Teacher Dedication, Aug 2009 - Flash photo album 


Vacation Bible School, July 2009 - Flash photo album 


Kids' Sabbath, July 2009 - Flash photo album 


Parking Lot Party, June 2009 - Flash photo album 


Father's Day Luncheon & Ginny's Surprise, June 2009 - Flash photo album 


SGA Leads Worship, May 2009 - Flash photo album 


AUS Leads Worship, May 2009 - Flash photo album 


Pathfinder Car Wash, April 2009 - Flash photo album 



Christmas Program, Dec 2008 - Flash photo album


Kids' Sabbath, Dec 2008 - Flash photo album


Discovering God's Way of Handling Money, Oct-Nov 2008 - Flash photo album


Fall Party, Oct 2008 - Flash photo album


All Nation's Day, Sept 2008 - Flash photo album


Teacher Dedication & Summer Concert, Aug 2008 - Flash photo album 


Hawaiian Shirt Sabbath & Beach Party, Aug 2008 - Flash photo album 


Baptism, July 2008 - Flash photo album


Vacation Bible School, July 2008 


Kid's Sabbath, July 2008 - Flash photo album


The Great Race, June 2008 - El Dorado Park - Flash photo album


50th Anniversary Presentations, May 9 & 10, 2008 - Presentations shown during the 50th Anniversary Weekend


Drama Team, Apr 2008 - Flash photo album


San Gabriel Academy Chorale, Apr 2008 - Flash photo album


50 Years of Building Community, Jan 2008 - Flash photo album



Year in Review 2007 - video 


Children's Sabbath, Dec. 2007 - Flash photo album


Baptism - Flash photo album 


Fall Party - Part II - Flash photo album 


Fall Party - Part I - Flash photo album 


6 Weeks of Community Worship Service - Flash photo album 


Drama Presentation - Flash photo album


VBS Highlights Video - 8 min - reduced quality - 10MB mpeg (right click and "save as")


Kids Sabbath, July 2007


West's Gospel Archery, May 2007 



Community Christmas Program 2006 


Baptism Nov. 2006 


Teacher Dedication 2006 


VBS 2006 


Celebration Sabbath for the completion of the Fellowship Hall Remodel June 2006 


Fellowship Hall Dedication April 2006


Cleaning Up the Fellowship Hall March 2006 



Community Christmas Program 2005 


Summer Concert and Drama Aug. 2005


Youth Baptism Aug. 2005 


VBS 2005


Father's Day - June 2005


Baptism, Baby Dedication, Children Story & Pastor Mitch - June 2005


Workbee in the Fellowship Hall



The Christmas Program 2004.


The Jr. Division tells the Christmas children's story  Dec 2004


Craft Fair and Art Show Oct 2004


40 Days of Community Kickoff & pancake breakfast


Pictures from the Painting Class Sept. 2004


Summer Concert


The remodeling begins for the children's classrooms.

Cleaning Out the Cradleroll Room


VBS 2004


Mother's Day 2004 was a big day. There were 2 people baptized, 4 children (and families) dedicated, plus we honored all the women of the church.

40 Days Review slide Show - April 2004


Tree Removal for a church member - Jan. 2004



The Christmas Program 2003.


Pictures from the Painting Class


Pictures for the Marriage Renewal Oct. 2003. There were two couple who renewed their vows, Ray and Flor and John and Clarice. This was John and Clarice's 50th Wedding Anniversary (to the very day!). John and Clarice are also charter members of the Downey Adventist Church.


Pictures from VBS 2003.


See the remodeling pictures here. There are exterior and interior pictures.