Your Story
by Celene Melenciano


Good morning, boys and girls, happy Sabbath and Happy New Year. I hope you guys have been having a fun time at home on vacation these past couple of weeks, right? And really get back to it get back to your schoolwork at home or school wherever you’re doing it this coming year.

Um, you know, I had a question for you. Have you ever heard the adults say that they are making a new year’s resolution? Right? They’re trying to make a goal for how or what they’re going to do in this new year. Some people say, I’m going to get a diet, and I am going to lose 25 pounds. Some people say, I am going to finish my school. Other say, I’m going to get a better job. Others might say, I’m going to start my family. And others might even say very important things for their spiritual life. Like I am going to read the Bible. Oh, I am going to make sure that I pray every day and have relationship with God. You know, a new year’s resolutions are good. It’s a goal that we want to do. for you guys. Your teacher might tell you, what do you want to do this coming here? What do you want to accomplish? Do you want to make a new friend? Do you want to have a better grade? Do you want to be more obedient to mommy and daddy, all those things are things that we should do every day.

And as I was thinking about it, because today, you know, today starts a new year. I thought, Wait a minute. Our lives are not written in a book. How many of you guys have favorite books? I have favorite books. Look, I have this one for you that are older “The Giving Tree”. I have this one. “If you take a Mouse to School”, or the other one that “If You Give a Pig a Pancake”, or “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”, there’s this one. “Brown Bear, Brown Bear. What do you see?” I know a lot of you guys have read these in school. What about “Curious George”? Oh, I love curious, George such a fun little monkey, right? And what about Christmas, “Charlie Brown Christmas”. This is an all time favorite. But you know, these books are already written out. The stories are already in here. There’s nothing we could change about these stories, right? Because the author, the person that wrote them, said, this is how it is. And this is going to be.

But you know, if you think about our lives, our lives can be a story to our lives our story. It’s a story that God wants us to write with him in it. And with him as a guide. Have you guys ever had a journal? There’s books like these. There’s nothing in there. Just blank pages. Nothing. You get to write in that you get to put in here, the things that you want to do, what are the things that you’ve done. And that is what life is your life is a blank page, and you are writing it. So whatever you do tomorrow is going to be a new page in your book.

You know, as we begin a new year, we need to remember that God is always to be first in our lives, we need to include him and all we do because He loves us and he takes care of us and He is the one that provides everything that we have. Whether it be something humongous, or something small. God allows us to have what we have because He loves us. And as we write our story of our lives, remember to write an all those good things that happen. You know, mommy and daddy spent the whole day with me instead of going to work. Maybe you had a birthday, and you have friends over, you had cake and you had a party. Maybe you spent a moment reading your Bible with mom and dad, maybe you prayed, and you ask God to help you with something, or you gave them Thanks for helping you with something. Whatever it is, that happened. I always remember that our books are not written out. Like these. We have to write them for ourselves. And the best way to write them is to do it with God in our hearts, so that we come up with the most amazing and beautiful stories that we can share with everybody else.

Boys and girls have an amazing new year. Have a great week. And I hope that everything you do you always keep God in mind because he loves you so much. Let’s have a word of prayer. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much for everything you do for us. Thank you for guiding us for protecting us. And for loving us. We pray that this new year, you would help us and you will be with us as we write the story of our lives, and always having you in it. Please stay with his children and bless them and never leave their side. In Jesus name we pray. Amen. Have a great new year, guys.