Empty Tomb
by Ethan Morales


Good morning, boys and girls happy Sabbath. It’s me, Ethan back here for another children’s story this week.

Let’s actually start today’s story from the Bible. Now, if we turn our Bibles to John, Chapter 11, verses 25 and 26. It says, Jesus said unto her, I’m the resurrection and the life. He that believes in me, even though they were dead, shall live again. And whoever lives and believes in Me, shall never die.

Now, seeing how next week is Easter. We can draw a lot from this Bible verse. For one, it says that Jesus is the resurrection and the life. And as we know, Easter is actually the time that we believe that Jesus was resurrected. So for the sake of the story, let’s go ahead and pretend that this quarter right here is Jesus. Now right before Jesus died on the cross, he told the Pharisees that he would come back from the dead. Now the Pharisees at the time were so scared that they wanted to do everything in their power to avoid him coming back. So what did they do? Once they were, once he was dead, they took his body and they hid him, they buried him in a tomb. And in that tomb, they sealed him up, making it impossible for someone to get him.

Next, what they did was the tomb that they put him in was out of the general public, meaning nobody knew where it was, or how to get there. Another thing to make it impossible. And lastly, the last thing they did was they put two guards to watch the tomb, so that nobody can get in. Because at the time, they thought that Jesus’s disciples would come and steal the body and say that He resurrected. Well, as we know, Jesus died on Friday, rested on Saturday, the Sabbath, and he rose again on Sunday. Now, on Sunday, when the Pharisees heard that Jesus was gone, they were so scared that they Believe it. So what did they do? They went back to the tomb. They found the guards were knocked out, they were asleep. They opened the tomb up. And what did they find? They found absolutely nothing. They were so scared that Jesus had actually resurrected. They were they didn’t know what to do. They were scared, his body was gone. They didn’t know what to do.

And so boys and growth, as we approach Easter, this upcoming weekend, always remember that Jesus died for your sins. He loved you very much. He was willing to take all the bad things that you have done in life, and he died. And that also goes to show that even though man may try to do his own way, God’s will will always prevail,

Alright boys and girls. You has been excellent listeners. Let’s go ahead and close out with a word of prayer. Dear Heavenly Father, Lord, thank you so much for giving us the remembrance of Easter Lord, even though we know it’s not the exact date that you died and rose for our sins, Lord, it’s a good remembrance of what you did for us, Lord, as we approach this upcoming week, Lord, I ask that you please help us keep you on our minds. May we embody your character not just to other Christians, but to other non believers. Also ask that you please be with these kids be with their minds, their hearts, and their soul. Continue to guide and protect us. We ask all these things named Jesus Christ, amen. Hi, boys and girls, happy Sabbath. And thank you for listening.